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 2600.emu - Emu Ex Plus AlphareleaseBack
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Added:Mar 7, 2013
Updated:Sep 3, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
Emu EX Plus Alpha collection

This project aims to provide a series of portable game console/computer emulators for a variety of systems. It consists of 3 components: imagine (a multi-purpose multimedia engine), EmuFramework (shared routines and application structure), and the emulation back-ends themselves. The current target platforms are Android, iOS, WebOS, and Playstation 3.

This is the Atari 2600 backend, based on Stella.
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Additional Info
Port of Emulator from Emu EX Plus Alpha series.

This Atari 2600 use Stella as the core of the emu, and GLES Hardware Scalling.

Build 13
* Fixed Crash in the Setup key GUI

Build 12
* Fixed Touchscreen for GUI
* Fixed Key Profiles
* Latest sources (still 1.5.29)

Build 11
* Fixed tearing, again

Build 10
* In sync with official v1.5.29 version
* Using GLES|2 now

Build 09
* In sync with official v1.5.15 version

Build 08
* In sync with official v1.5.15 version

Build 07
* In sync with official v1.5.11 version
* No more artefacts on Gigahetrz Pandora in menu, thanks to the author.
* Lots of GUI update, thanks to the original author of the serie.
* Use "Space" to go to menu, except for computers emu (like C64 & MSX), where it's "Start"
* In Menu, use {X} to validate, {B} to cancel

Build 06
* In sync with official v1.5.10 version
* Compiled with gcc 4.8.0

Build 05
* In sync with official v1.5.9 version

Build 04
* Added default Pandora control
* Added VSync (thanks Pickle for eglport)
* Switched LCD to 50/60Hz for emu that support it (only MD and NES for now).

Build 03
* Better code for Fullscreen mode
* More compile optimizations

Build 02 and earlier: see main thread

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/12287-emu-ex-plus-alpha-ported-to-the-pandora/
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