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Added:Jan 30, 2013
Updated:Aug 26, 2013
Package Author: thp, crow_riot, notaz
apkenv allows you to play (some) android games without the need of android
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Additional Info
Please check the release thread at the openpandora forums for more information:

Pressing the LEFT shoulder button simulates a press of a second finger in the middle of the screen. This is required for some games to zoom (e.g. Angry Birds) or can be used if a game requires you to touch the screen to continue (e.g. Super Hexagon)

This plays following games without the need of booting Android:
- Fruit Ninja 1.5.4, normal or HD version
- Angry Birds Space 1.1.0
- Angry Birds Space HD 1.0.1 (the loading screen is glitched, but the game works fine)
- Angry Birds Season HD 1.3.0
- Angry Birds Season 2.5.0
- Angry Birds Rio 1.4.4
- Angry Birds 2.3.0
- Cut the Rope 1.0.0 up to 1.3.1
- Amazing Alex HD 1.0.0
- World of Goo 1.0.5 (Humble Bundle Version)
- Super Hexagon (tested: 1.0.3; also supports keypad controls!)
- Plants vs Zombies (tested: 1.2; Humble Bundle Version; also supports keyboard input)

Please note that you need the exact versions of the apk's or it is very likely that it doesnt work!

fixed scrolling in Plants vs Zombies module
added new module: Plants vs Zombies (thanks to liar & notaz)

workaround for resource reader crashing
added powervr.ini to use double buffering (reduces tearing)
added new modules: world of goo and super hexagon
initial release for dragonbox compo
31/01/2013 00:18 UTC
Excellent application - looking forward to more apps supported down the road, but it's already a superb achievement!
30/01/2013 19:56 UTC
Awesome! This is much nicer and cleaner than gingerbread and booting the whole OS then setup storage and install apk then run. Just to run a few apks since I don't use android much on CC. Compatibility only issue obviouisly, but for what I use at the moments its a great start.
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