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Added:Sep 1, 2011
Updated:Sep 1, 2011
Package Author: Anakreon
Berusky is a free logic game based on an ancient puzzle named Sokoban.
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Additional Info
Basically, you have 5 bugs and you need to use them alternatively to push crates and gather some items to collect 5 keys that will open the door.

You use the mouse to navigate in the menus and the D-pad to move the bugs around the levels.
Space/R shoulder switch between bugs
L shoulder goes back to the first available bug
Ctrl + R to restart a level
Ctrl + X to quit for real
F2 to save game
F3 to load game
Ctrl + F1 to get a hint
The game is still a bit buggy but I don't know if it is because of the port or if the game is originally like this.
The menu is very sensitive to clicks, actually if you keep the mouse button down it will validate your choice (it would need to be switch to a kind of mouse released event but I couldn't change that yet).
At the beginning of any stage, the active player makes one step without any reason.
No sound at all (actually I couldn't find any code related to sound fx or music in the source...)
Warning: Do no try the Editor as it is crashing and will require a forced shutdown. Maybe it crashes because it takes too much real estate (read screen space).

I made some customisation to the code:
resolution has been adapted to the Pandora (800x480)
Game screen has been centered
fullscreen by default (please let me know how I can take advantage of appdata here)
Right shoulder button and space key will switch the active bug
Left shoulder button switch back to the first active bug (the red one)
Preview Pics
30/03/2013 13:30 UTC
I really like this game and would give 5/5 if there was audio!!
04/09/2011 14:55 UTC
Very polished game, unfortunately the sensitive menu ruins the fun for me... Let's hope it get fixed quickly :)
03/09/2011 02:22 UTC
Quote: "The game is still a bit buggy.."I see what you did there.
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