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 C64 ToolboxreleaseBack
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Filesize:23.68 Mb
Added:Sep 20, 2015
Updated:Apr 4, 2017
Package Author: Canseco
C64 Toolbox

This package contains utilities to create, convert and manage multiple types of files
(PRG, D64, D81, CRT, SID, etc), compilers, a cruncher, an image viewer and more tools for
Commodore 64/128 and other 8-bit systems based on 6502/65C02.

See README on documentation or inside the PND for programs list.

See share/docs folder for info about licenses and READMEs.
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Additional Info
- Initial release.
- Sources included in src folder.
- Fixed audiotap including missing libs.
- Added ef3xfer to transfer files for EasyFlash 3 via USB.
- Updated Exomizer to 2.0.9 version.
- ACME Crossassembler for Multiple Environments.
- Easy SDK tool: bin2efcrt.
- VICE project tools: c1541 and cartconv.
- Fixed prg2crt path.
- Easp: Easy SVF Player, a simple USB JTAG programmer for FTDI FT245R.
- TapClean 0.32: Commodore tape preservation / restoration tool.
- Updated sources and docs.
- Added fusecfs-1.8.2 (cfs011mount) tool to mount CFS partitions for IDE64 usage.
- Added PSID64 1.2 and removed PND from repo. Remember to move Songlengths.txt to appdata/c64toolbox.
- Updated sources.
- Added CC65 SDK.
- Added loaders folder inside lib folder for WAV-PRG.
- Updated View64 1.59.
- Fixed zenity size box, default config for View64.
- Updated sources.
- Updated FuseCFS to 1.8.3.
- Added programs: cc1541, sidreloc and Disk2EasyFlash 0.9.
- Updated: cc65 to 2.15 (latest git version 25/01/2017), VICE 3.0 tools.
- Added program: Sidplayfp, cycle accurate SID music player using libsidplayfp 1.8.7 library.
- Added menu options for view64 picture viewer and Sidplayfp, to see one file using a GUI file manager.
- Updated: VICE 3.1 tools, c1541, petcat and cartconv.
Preview Pics
12/10/2015 21:35 UTC
Update, ef3xfer works a treat! I can run c64 files straight from my Pandora to my c64 over a USB cable now! (hub needed because the OTG port recognizes but times out)
21/09/2015 18:22 UTC
Yep, at least on last update with ef3xfer program. It needs testing, as i don't have one, but if the driver for FT245R is included on the kernel, it should work.
20/09/2015 20:26 UTC
have to vote 5 for any c64 related software :) can this be use to flash easyflash carts?
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