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 C/C++/Py Development Tools
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Added:May 28, 2011
Updated:Sep 28, 2012
Package Author: freamon
C/C++ compiler, with libraries for SDL, X11, QT, GTK+, Allegro and GLES. Includes make, qmake, cmake, pkg-config, git, mercurial and svn. Also contains Python setuptools, and can be used to compile python modules. Use the 'addipk' script to add extra dev libraries.
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Additional Info
28/09/2012: Added python setuptools, python-dev, and some python modules. Python apps should now be buildable with standard Python setup (documentation shows how to build Pogo as an example).
Forgot to mention: also includes Cython 0.17.
16/09/2012: Allegro 4.4 and GLES-dev added back. If there's any development libraries which are missing but which you have an ipk for, you can add them using the include 'addipk' script (please read the documentation).
12/09/2012: Time flys when you're playing Skyrim. Rebuilt for SuperZaxxon compatibility. I still need to add some stuff back (see main description), so they be other releases soon.
09/07/2011: Added git and svn, along with gnu autotools, and improved the documentation.
18/06/2011: gcc and g++ now using specs file for quieter and more stable operation. Removed all .la files as libtool is more trouble than it's worth. More libraries added.
07/06/2011: Added qmake and extra libraries. Fixed problems with configure scripts and minimum pkg-config version.


This PND aims to provide a viable method of compiling C/C++ programs, without altering your system. Placing it on an ext2-formated card is highly recommended (and is required for 'addipk' to work).

More info is provided in the PND's documentation, and in the thread at:
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03/05/2014 14:39 UTC
Any chance of an update to reflect Python 2.7 in SZ????? Pretty please!!!
04/02/2014 22:39 UTC
Great package, but I had to repack it for with 2 changes: - I changed the symlink libSDL_mixer.so to /usr/lib/libSDL_mixer-1.2.so.0 - I added a symlink for libpnd.so and pnd_locate.h How about adding /usr/local/libs as first (!) entry of PATH to fix this kind of issues without the need of repacking?
11/11/2013 20:46 UTC
While trying to find a build problem i notice that git bisect does not work. The other git command i have used so fare are working fine
25/10/2013 14:32 UTC
Cmake won't work because it keeps trying and failing to use some kind of configuration file. Also, git won't accept https urls, and when I try git urls, it says the repository doesn't exist.
09/09/2013 12:47 UTC
Another nit: why include libiconv instead of the glibc iconv support? Is it more functional? libiconv's defines in iconv.h are shadowing libc's iconv and confuse some configure scripts (e.g. glib2).
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