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 Code::Blocks with C/C++/Py/Perl/Fortran/Ruby/Basic DevelopmereleaseBack
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Filesize:2048 Mb
Added:Sep 3, 2012
Updated:May 4, 2017
Package Author: ptitSeb
Code::Blocks with C/C++/Python/Perl/Fortran/Ruby/Basic compiler.
Code::Blocks rev no 10905
GCC 6.3.0 (including C, C++, Fortran, ObjC, ObjC++ and D), Binutils 2.25.1, ant, FreeBasic
Python 3.4, Perl 5.20.2, Ruby 1.9.3 (automaticaly use wxPython for Python 2)
Automaticaly use WinRT for Winemaker and the WineLib to port Windows app.
Automaticaly use MonoRT for C# and VB.Net compiler.
Automaticaly use Lazarus for FreePascal compiler.
Includes libraries for SDL(1.2 and 2.0), X11, QT (4 and 5), GTK+, Allegro (v4 and v5), Alsa, GLES, Lua(jit) 5.x, wxWidget 3.0.2, SFML 2, XULRunner (along with firefox 27 nightly)...
Also include Command Line to compile with the standard Linux "./configure and make"
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Additional Info
Update v2.40.15
* Updated GCC to 6.3.0
* Updated Codeblocks
* Updated Qt to 5.8.0
* Updated many libs!

Update v2.30.14
* Updated GCC to 6.1.0
* Updated Codeblocks
* Codeblocks use a smaller font
* Updated Qt to 5.7.0
* Updated many libs!

Update v2.20.12
* Updated GCC to 5.2.0
* Updated Binutils to 2.25.1
*Updated Codeblocks
* Codeblocks use a smaller font
* Updated Qt 5.5.0 & Qt 4.8.7
* Updated many libs!

Update v2.10.12
* Updated GCC to 4.9.3
* Updated Binutils to 2.25
* Updated Codeblocks
* Added Qt 5.4.0
* Added gnu D compiler (gdc)
* Updated many libs!

Update v2.00.11
* Updated GCC to 4.9.1
* Updated Codeblocks
* Updated many libs!
* Automount wxPython, MonoRT and Lazarus

Update v1.06.10
* Anniversary edition! Codeblocks PND is One year old
* Updated GCC to 4.8.2
* Added QTCreator
* Added QT Demos
* Updated /recompiled numerous library.
* Default CFLAGS when launching command line.
* Added many more libs & tools
* Removed CLang & LLVM

Update v1.05.09
* Update Code::Blocks to rev 8800
* Added CLang and LLVM v3.3
* Added Ruby
* Added many more libs & tools
* Added QT4.8.4 (+QtWebKit 4.9.3)

Update v1.05.08 and earlier: see main Thread on Boards to full history log...

A thread is opened here:
With more detail on the contents.
Preview Pics
24/11/2015 22:58 UTC
Qt Creator doesn't start up at all. No idea what's wrong with it. Also, probably just a personal issue, but wouldn't it be better to package CB, Qt, and the libraries all separately so we don't have to download 1.7GB for every update? Not everyone has unlimited monthly data.
28/10/2015 17:26 UTC
@KelvinShadewing: no it's ok, it's just debug info (the file is on my SDCard, but you don't need it unless you want to debug with the sources). Add "-lrt" to your link command and it should work.
28/10/2015 17:07 UTC
OK, I think I fixed the lib issue; it's not saying it can't find them anymore. But now I'm getting this: http://i.imgur.com/USNge4O.jpg It seems that it's trying to read from a file on your own SD card. :/
25/10/2015 15:27 UTC
oh, the file name is without the "lib"? Odd. If should be libsquirrel.a (so the linker find it automaticaly). If you don't want to rename, use directely "/media/ICE/lib/squirrel.a", without the "lib" and without the "-l"
25/10/2015 14:04 UTC
Even though the actual filename is squirrel.a? That's what it came out as when I built it. I'm not sure how the file name effects it, really. Also, would you like me to send you the build to include in the next update?
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