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Added:Feb 25, 2014
Updated:Dec 4, 2016
Package Author: ptitSeb
What is Doom 64?

Developed by Midway – San Diego, Doom 64 is a unofficial sequel to Doom II
developed for the Nintendo 64 and was released in March 97.
Based on the Jaguar and Playstation code base, Doom 64 is considered
the most technically advanced Doom game of its time. In addition to
the completely revamped rendering engine, Doom 64 went through numerous
changes and improvements from that of Doom II. No graphics or sounds from
Doom II have been reused in Doom 64; instead, it features completely new
sprites, textures, levels and sounds and features a completely different
art style.

What is Doom 64 EX?

Doom 64 EX is a faithful recreation of the original game using the Doom source
code as the base with the benefit from newer control methods like mouse look,
high resolutions and color depth. In addition to that, Doom 64 EX will also feature
mod support to allow users to create custom levels, textures and sprites. Doom 64 EX
is also aimed to be 100% accurate to the original game as possible as well as
offering some PC-specific features that can enhance the game.

What is Kex Engine?

Kex is the codename for the engine that’s being used by Doom 64 EX. This is
a heavily modified Doom engine which will eventually be used as a base to
create original games and remakes of other classic console games that were
never ported to the PC

NOTE that you will need doom64.wad and doomsnd.sf2 files to play this. They can be automaticaly generated from a DOOM64 Rom.
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Additional Info
Here is DooM 64 EX, a GLES port on the OpenPandora of the Port of DooM from the N64.

You will need the Doom64 N64 rom, to extract and consitute the doom64.wad and doomsnd.sf2 files to play this. You can either copy to appdata/doom64ex the data extracted by your mean, or just use the n64 rom and let your Pandora do the work.

The controls are setup for the Pandora (DualNub controls or DPad, Shoulder to shot and run, {A}/{B} to zoom in/out map, Space to have map, {X} to jump and {Y} to activate). FreeLook is activated also, but everything can be changed in the menu.

The game is very dark, use "F11" to adjust gamma in-game.

History log
Build 07
* Updated libs
* Use batch mode of gl4es

Build 06
* Rebuild using gcc 6.2
* Updated libs

Build 05
* Faster Fluidsynth build, making the intro smooth on a Gigahertz model.
* New Nub mouse acceleration (disable if "noshouldermb", as a mouse is assumed them).

Build 04
* Repackaged to fix the extraction of datas (broken on build 03).

Build 03
* Simplified "Melting" transition (faster and hopefully more stable on CC)
* Slightly faster sound (at the expense of some audio quality)

Build 02
* Updated to latest sources
* Switch from native GLES port to glshim version

Build 01: see main thread.

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/15746-doom-64-ex/
Preview Pics
24/06/2014 19:34 UTC
Love it!
25/02/2014 23:36 UTC
5/5 ..Great port and everything can be mapped via main menu.
25/02/2014 22:30 UTC
For Gigahertz model, driver 4.03 or 4.10 recomended. For other model, default driver should be fine.
25/02/2014 21:32 UTC
ROM extraction works great. Could be brighter (but I suspect that's intended). Which gfx driver version is recommended?
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