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 Flappy BirdreleaseBack
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Added:Aug 12, 2014
Updated:Jan 27, 2015
Package Author: Ekianjo
A Flappy Bird Clone made using python-pygame and adapted for the Open Pandora handheld. Original code by sourabhv, modifications made by Ekianjo for the Pandora.

The original Flappy Bird was a 2013 mobile game, developed by Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen and published by .GEARS Studios, a small, independent game developer also based in Vietnam. The game has a side-scrolling format and the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between rows of green pipes without coming into contact with them.

The controls are super simple:
- "X" button,"Up" on your Dpad or tap the screen with the stylus to make the bird's wings flap
- "P" key to pause the game, and unpause it.
- "ESC" key to exit the game at any time. (fn+Q)

27th Jan 2015: Build 23 / Added touch support and Fusilli client with offline cache support. You can now play offline safely and still register your scores next time you go online.
17th Sep 2014: Build 22 / Big update on the rendering side making Flappy Bird run at 60 FPS now. Thanks to Notaz for his help and advice on how to do it.
07th Sep 2014: Build 21 / Added missing line of code for the gaps and relaxed minimum gap a little.
07th Sep 2014: Build 20 / Removed too narrow gaps between pipes. Impossible levels should not exist anymore.
07th Sep 2014: Build 19 / Additional polish with fade in and out effects at the beginning and end of the game.
06th Sep 2014: Build 18 / Minor additions: Background Scrolling in welcome screen and display of 5 C4A highscores in Gameover screen instead of 4.
01st Sep 2014: Build 17 / Fixed Crash happening with C4A with new month start.
31st Aug 2014: Build 16 / Added Intro music.
30th Aug 2014: Build 15 / Fixed crash when reaching Game Over online. Thanks Asmo for the report!
26th Aug 2014: Build 14 / Added additional sound effect every time you score 10 points.
25th Aug 2014: Build 13 / Fixed some bugs reported by Matt related to the Pause function.
24th Aug 2014: Build 12 / Added Game Over Music. Getting closer to a proper game!
24th Aug 2014: Build 11 / Fixed the Pause crash bug (hopefully)
24th Aug 2014: Build 10 / The light/shadow inconsistency on the upper pipes has been corrected. I'll update the screenshots at some point :)
23th Aug 2014: Build 9 / Added Pause function in-game. Easter Egg included :)
19th Aug 2014: Build 8 / Reducing tearing with Notahz's SDL. Modified display of self best score.
18th Aug 2014: Build 7 / Removed the high score that was there by default in last build.
17th Aug 2014: Build 6 / A few minor fixes. Added differential scrolling effect for the background to increase the sense of depth.
16th Aug 2014: Build 5 / Many changes. Added support for fetching highscores from C4A to display them when you end up with a gameover (when you are online) with filtering function on names. Added darker background when losing for additional impact. Added "Score" and "Best" labels on screen.
14th Aug 2014: Build 4 / Implemented Double Buffering, shoud look a little smoother. Added local Highscore function as well to keep your self best score at all times. Added online status indicator on main screen.
14th Aug 2014: Build 3 / Removed mouse pointer in game, replaced "Space" by X-button. Reduced the amount of score uploads for C4A. Changed from software rendering to hardware rendering (not much difference though).
13th Aug 2014: Build 2 / Now with C4A support for online competition ! Added gane over message animation and randomization of pipe position for additional challenge.
12th Aug 2014: Build 1 / All key basic modifications were made to make the game run on Pandora in full screen. Fixed the game over issue (game over message did not display in original code).
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Additional Info
A detailed explanation of the changes I did for the Pandora version vs the original code, on PandoraLive:
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02/09/2014 16:47 UTC
Simply too hard for me. After 5 plays top score was 4. I would prefer it if the starting distance between pipes were greater, then slowly narrowing as play progresses. Scrolling and bird action are nice and smooth though.
24/08/2014 02:55 UTC
@_xnopasaranx_ Sure! That was a quick fix, grab the latest version and that one should be as you expec :) Good point, I admit I did not notice it until you mentioned it!
23/08/2014 18:12 UTC
really being nitpicky here, but can you mirror the sprites of the pipes so that the light reflection is correct? played on my phone and noticed that it looks a little nicer and now it irritates me on the pandora ^^. this clone is getting better and better! way more fun than the phone version.
21/08/2014 11:16 UTC
Excellent! Very well adapted to Pandora. Very hard though! :)
19/08/2014 16:14 UTC
@loon thanks for the feedback, always appreciated :)
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