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 The Gmu Music PlayerreleaseBack
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Filesize:4.69 Mb
Added:Feb 21, 2017
Updated:Feb 25, 2017
Package Author: Canseco
Gmu is a music player application. It was initially developed for the
GP2X handheld, but has since then been adapted to run on a variety of
other devices, including ordinary computers and lots of handheld

Gmu is built in a modular way and supports various frontends and
decoders for supports of different user interfaces and file formats
Gmu's most used frontend is the SDL based frontend which gives the user
a graphical user interface optimized for control through buttons.
Besides that, Gmu comes with a webfrontend which allow Gmu to be
controlled through a web browser both locally and remotely. There is
also a command line tool for controlling Gmu through a terminal, again
both locally and remotely.
Supported audio formats include MP3, MP2, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Ogg Opus,
FLAC, Musepack, WavPack and lots of module formats through different module
decoder libraries (ranging from MikMod for devices with low end CPUs to
OpenMPT for devices with a more capable CPU delivering a higher quality).
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Additional Info
- Initial release.
- Fixed gmuinput.pandora.conf enumeration, fixing (A) and (B) buttons not working.
- Sources included in src folder.
- Changed call to gmu.pandora.conf to gmu.conf on start.sh script. Fixes remember last track played among other things.

Known problems:
- It uses OSS, Bluetooth headsets will not work.
- Can't hide cursor, SDL_ShowCursor 0 doesn't have any effect.
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01/02/2018 02:26 UTC
This is the best Pandora music player! You can tell it was designed for a handheld instead of a desktop PC. Tips: - F1 opens the help menu - Start is the modifier button (Start+C clears the tracks list) - Space bar toggles between file browser, tracks list, and currently playing screens
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