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Filesize:584.04 kB
Added:Aug 15, 2014
Updated:Aug 19, 2014
Package Author: bukkit
gpsd + runner for Pandora
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Additional Info

v, 15.08.2014
Some status LEDs, improved (but still not too smart) Bluetooth reset, had some phenomenons with gpsd versions and now pack 2.39, 2.95 and 3.10, but no convenient method of selection (you'll have to edit the appdata/gpsd/rungpsd.conf for that). Changed the package ID to make it more reasonable.

v, 01.08.2014
OK, so now some beautifiying is done. Also:
- The bundled gpsd is v 3.10 (the runner still prefers the installed one, if installed)
- A (possibly awkward) option for a reset of the bluetooth stack is offered, but mostly untested
- I bundled it with xgps (I was missing a simple way to watch gps data)

25.07.2014 Alright, now the runner frontend is included and you can select the device used by gpsd. It does some minimum tasks. I call it beta.
Todo list:
- implement watchdog. This'll have to be a tad smart...
- sort out some probably confusing and less interesting error messages and warnings.
- prefer gpsd from the repository if already available on system.
- things users might wish for. Mmmhm we'll see. ;)

24.07.2014 This is really early alpha. It uses hardcoded /dev/rfcomm0 as device, which you have to override if you're using it for anything else. I'm planning on bundling it with a frontend which is able to do some rudimentary tasks regarding GPS, maybe also resetting the bluetooth connection. We'll see how that goes.
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18/08/2014 10:58 UTC
Yeah, I removed the other pnd. Category Education is perfectly fine according to freedesktop.org specs. Every gps application I checked in this repo (with the exception of Navit (which is in the Utility category)) is in Education, so I should keep it like that.
18/08/2014 03:32 UTC
Besides, the category is wrong, it should not be in Education probably :)
18/08/2014 03:31 UTC
So, are you going to fix your PXML to avoid the double entry ?
16/08/2014 08:36 UTC
Yeah, sorry for that. I copied the PXML from another application where the maintainer took the package ID from the program version he packed.
16/08/2014 08:35 UTC
Since it's my first pnd, I thought that probably would be a good idea, but later found out it isn't, and one should keep the package ID static and unique. So I aimed for a uniquish package ID with this one. I should remove the other package then. Thanks for the hint.
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