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Added:Jun 29, 2013
Updated:Feb 9, 2014
Package Author: Ekianjo
This is a Python application to download books related to Programming or Computer Sciences. All the books proposed for download are freely available (either creative commons or permissive licenses). Books are organized by title, category, authors.

- Select a book in the list and click/Enter it
- You then see the description of the book in another window. You have the choice to close that window, or to download the book.
- If you choose to download the book, it will take a few moments depending on your connection until the book is received and copied.
- Once the book is available, you can click the "read" button to open it on your device for consultation.
- You can also choose to delete it from your device.

Candidate for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition in the Significant Improvement Category.

Version info:
# released Feb 9th 2014: With added books in PDF and HTML format.
# released Feb 9th 2014: Added Early Support for HTML books download. Browsing them remains manual at this stage (you need to open your browser and point it to the index.html file) but that will be fixed later on.
# released Dec 21st: Fixed stupid bug ! Doh !
# released Dec 4th: Added several books over the past few months, now ready for a release...
# released Sept 16th: Added about 4-5 books. Among them, Open Government from O'Reilly and CIML for Machine Learning.
#0.1.9 : released July 31st: Added a bunch of other books and implemented keyboard shortcuts for menu items to speed up access to the different features.
#0.1.8 : released July 12th: Added a new view to see the Books you have opened at least once - This is supposed to make it easier to see the books you are currently reading vs the ones you have simply downloaded but not opened yet.
#0.1.7 : released July 10th: Many new books added (R, PHP, Haskell, Lisp and more...) for a total of 112 books available total. A few added features here and there but nothing major apart from the contents.
#0.1.6 : released July 6th: Many new books added. Option to download all books at once added in menu (only works if you are online, naturally, and it can take a lot of time, as you can imagine, so only fire it up if you have no time constraint before you).
#0.1.5 : released July 4th: year added in books list and confirmation dialog before deletion of a book.
#0.1.4 Release 6: released July 3nd: now with version check + added books.
#0.1.4 released July 2nd: now with Download indicator when downloading a book to show progress + many small fixes.
#0.1.3 released July 1st: added another menu item that shows what books are left to download compared to the ones you already have. Added many other books, too.
#0.1.2 released June 30 : added a bunch of other books to the list.
#0.1.1 released June 30 : added menu bar with option to show only the already downloaded books for offline consultation + info about current version.
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Additional Info
Important: you may need to reboot your Hackerbooks to ensure the new books show up after an update. I am not sure why this is happening.

This application is released under a GPLv3 license, therefore the code source is available. I am sharing it on github. Feel free to contribute to it or fork it : https://github.com/ekianjo/HackerBooks
Preview Pics
18/07/2016 01:42 UTC
The downloads have finished (or stopped). The status bar says I have 128 books and 12 more available. The SD card has 19,2G free. The BOOKS dir has 351M. The log is http://pastebin.com/3wHdtAUx. I appreciate help. Should I follow up elsewhere? I hate clutter reviews. And yes, this PND is great!
18/07/2016 00:58 UTC
I'm sure I had GBs of space. To test I've deleted my hackerbooks directory under appdata, rebooted and I'm running another "Download All" with 20GB free. I'll grab the output files. Thanks
18/07/2016 00:57 UTC
@ekianjo, the window for the book with the description had the Delete & Open buttons would be grayed out. There would be a Download and Close button. Clicking Download causes Close to gray out. Nothing happens. I can click Download over and over or click the X window manager button to close it.
14/07/2016 03:28 UTC
@Eddward did you check if you have enough free space after your 128 books ? When you mentioned the download window hangs, can you close it at all ? If you could share with me any detail from the pnd_out file, I could try to see what's happening.
09/07/2016 14:41 UTC
I really like this pnd, but I can't get it to download all the books. I downloaded 128 book and then stopped. If I try to download any more (even after deleting a book) the download window just hangs.
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