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Added:Nov 19, 2013
Updated:Aug 6, 2020
Package Author: Ziz
Hase is a game about hares in space. It is a bit like Worms or Artillery, but with gravitation.
The game itself is licsensed under GPLv2+.
The used fonts are Pixel Mania by HiBan (CC-BY-SA) and DejaVu Sans (Public Domain)


- Added the irc server, channel and ports as config option
- Moved to another server again and furthermore a new irc server
- Fixed random crash caused by IRC chat

- Ported the server to php7 and moved to different server per default

- Connecting to another IRC port of one is not working

- Improved camera handling, especially for small device screens
- Fixed crash with "kill above hare" weapon

- Added touchscreen/mouse support
- Fixed broken network support

- Added optional handicaps for the AI to make the game harder or easier
- Removed locking zoom option, which nobody understood
- Added new coloured moon dolphin
- Fixed pandora start script
- Improved game lobby GUI
- Saving sprite selection
- Improved main menu design
- Improved ingame help
- Added a power bar instead of pure percent
- IRC should reconnect after timeout

- Fixed skull behaviour in end game
- Fixed bug about random accelaration in no gravity areas
- Made it easier to shoot while mid air (removed crosshairs hopping)
- AI doesn't choose already choosen sprites
- Life over max health is shown differently
- Fixed menu resize bug

- Fixed some stucking bugs
- levels are cutted around the 1024x1024 center
- level width and height are fixed to 1536x1536
- Items don't land on the head, but are collected
- Decreased the bunny collision box again
- Tomtatoes collected outside own turn are added next turn
- Made the weapons menu wide instead of high for low screen devices
- AI shoots if no time is left instead of jumping around
- Traces fade out
- New level save format (easier to edit and to change)
- Camera changes at border warp, too
- Speed improvements, especially for CC units
- No enter of empty name possible anymore
- Computer player don't get kicked after timeout in game lobby
- Renamed "Help" to "How to play" and made it the selected entry at first start

- Improved movement
- Improved odds for items (one item per round)
- Bouncing items
- Hit hares and items get a force in from the explosion
- Improved the minimal and maximal shoot power
- Random level with holes
- Levels can be saved and loaded, even of already played games
- No hare stacks floating in the air
- Countdown starts only if the camera is on the player and not a dropped item
- Building and shooting weapons got two different settings to avoid aim cheating ;)
- Added Item selection sound
- Player list for removing a player
- Players can be kicked
- Inactive players in the game lobby get kicked
- General server improvements
- Removed max players - if you are too many, kick players ;)
- Start action points setup
- Start health setup
- Added option for infinite level instead of a killing border
- Game mode, where the damage of the bullets depends on the time flying
- Saving the game settings
- Bullets don't live more than 30 seconds
- Added option for a sudden death like event: Ragnarök
- Decreased the damage of the cluster bomb
- Decreased the impact of Wingardium Leviosa
- Hopefully fixed the inaccurary of the spells if another hare is close to the impact
- New weapons:
- Digger (opposite of the building tool)
- Teleport
- Surrender
- Potato
- Hit the hare on your head
- Shotgun
- Improved AI
- Added help
- Smaller zoom level for starting with big windows
- No blocking for some network interactions anymore (experimental)
- Camera zooms out, to see everything important
- More bright border color
- More different background music tracks
- Support for actions in chats (/me doing something)
- More screen space for chatting in lobby
- Fixed a bug about crashing the game with too long messages
- Showing less of the chat ingame (5 lines for small resolution devices, 10 lines for higher resolution devices)
- Fixed the ghost arrow bug
- Static linking of hase to remove the need for LD_LIBRARY_PATH
- Added sheep sprite set (thx @ Binky)
- Added skeletal cow err... horse sprite set (thx @ Levi)
- New explosion sound (better and quieter)
- Improved sound of cluster bomb explosion
- Showing the connection status of players while waiting for their turn
- Fixed a bug, which made the heartbeat function run forever
- Fixed ingame chat for devices with onscreen keyboard like GCW
- Fixed a bug for local hotseat playing, which caused the game to crash
- Second local player got kicked in an online game and went Zombie
- Message, if the client becomes a zombie for the other players
- Fixed a bug about resizing the game window
- Bug fix for building stuff on the border (thx @ sheepluva)
- No zig zag in background for waiting for turn data
- Fixed a bug about a flickering screen while entering chat messages
- Removed the "Prototype" in the gcw description
- More space for the game names in the game list in the lobby
- Added warning sound if turn begins
- Redrawing the level border every time
- Added new sprite (thx @ Holysmoke)
- Fixed two crash bugs on resizing
- Added a logo made by comradekingu
- Added possibility to play online / watch replays without being online in the chat
- Fixed the menu size for most cases
- Improved dolphin
- Showing global chat ingame, but greyed out
- Fixed font size for small resolution devices like the GCW
- Removing nubs for pandora (I doubt anybody used it)
- Added fast forward for games for boring AI or replays
- Fixed bug with chat input while chat window not open
- Different button mappings for menu and ingame
- Two new sprites (thx @ Comradekingu)
- Fixed low chance of seg fault right after start of an online game
- Server optimizations for older php versions
- Button mapping while ingame
- Windows only: Removed asking for compressed data
- a new level texture (thx @ Binky)
- a new sprite (thx @ Binky)
- Compression of outgoing turn data (again up to 98% data bandwidth saving)
- Button mapping is adjustable
- Compression of outgoing turn data (again up to 98% data bandwidth saving)
- Button mapping is adjustable
- Asking the server to give gzip compressed data. Saved up to 98% of data bandwidth.
- Sound warning at end of turn
- Mine make noises now
- Chat is fading out ingame
- Pandora only: Toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode with the Pandora button
- Inverted button images to be more clear
- Rsotation speed of the cross haire depends on the weapon power
- Targeting line is above cross haire
- Fixed a _very_ rare and uncommon crash because of division by zero
- Set the ingame chat to appear for 1 minute instead of only 20 seconds (testwise)
- Fixed a bug in the HTTP handling code, which made online game unplayable slow

- Fixed bug on gcw, which made the game unplayable
- (Hopefully) fixed a bug, which made a client crash right after the start if a game with a chance of ~10%
- Automaticly reconnect of IRC loose connection
- Added logging for irc
- Less time between two downloads of a turn to avoid wifi energy saving, which slows down the whole game
- Fixed a crash, when exiting a game via removing the last player
- Creating backups from the OPKs for the GCW, too
- Tomato sprites instead of "Weapon points"
- Line between player and cross haire for easier aiming
- Removed confusing "1 minute timeout" message
- Building tool can build in the ground, but more savety distance to hares
- No sending of empty messages in Chats
- Chat is now [Start] ingame
- Fixed error message if server is not avaible
- Telling when a game happened for replays
- If the game master leaves the game, the game is not deleted from the game list, except (s)he want it.
- Using Menu as fourth button in Linux/Windows
- Line break for ingame chat (Really, you guys talk to much! ;)
- No flickering when entering text while a loading screen is active
- Added spectate modus
- You can even spectate already started, but not yet finished games!
- Recompile with NEON support (forgot it in
- Some little speed optimizations
- Some sparrow3d improvements to draw faster
- Showing the needed server version in the lobby

- Fixed a bug, that the very close use of the build tool could freeze the game
- Improved handling of disconnects (now called "Zombies" ingame)
- Fixed jump while typing
- No message filter for irc messages in replays
- Right aligned text input if more text than fits in the window
- No movement while typing
- If admin leaves game, the game is not shown in the game list anymore
- rotation stays fix when no gravitation
- Less network spam
- Removed "Aiming 100%" label above AI after it shoot

- Using NEON for little speed up
- Fixed a bug in the particle system

- Added mini map
- Improved user name checking of IRC nick
- Fixed a bug, which fucked the deterministic, which is baaaad
- Replacing spaces with underscore in nicknames
- bigger sprites for small screens
- Fixed keyboard-gui-collision
- Backspace button for onscreen keyboard devices (like the GCW)

- More sprites
- Sprites chooseable
- Username saving
- Username guessing with C4A profile information
- server improvements
- better weapon illustration
- Noticement if sprite is used by another player
- Better camera movement
- Username has to be choosen in lobby
- IRC chat
- Chat in lobby
- Sending and receiving chat messages from within the game
- Random button for insult in chat
- Too expensive weapons are greyed out
- Showing level border
- New weapons:
- A bigger and a smaller building tool
- Cluster bomb
- Mine shooter
- Super jump
- Weapon point harvesting
- Little damage shoot without gravity
- High damage shoot without gravity
- Instant kill
- Forced super jump
- Added items:
- health
- more weapon points
- mine
- Added button arrow images to sparrow3d and use them now in hase in the help
- Fixed crash if last player removed in online game (thx @zear)

- Fixed small resolution sprites
- Improved targeting
- Improved button mapping for handhelds without keyboard

- faster showing of own messages in chat
- level color for the bullet traces
- better and new default values for creating a game

- Added option to not rotate the level, but the bunny
- Added option to invert the controls of the bunny is upside down
- Improved the particle effect (should be faster)

- Fixed broken network play

- Arrow stays at minimal size while zooming to see where you are aiming at large zoom-outs
- Circle around active hare to tell which of your characters you are currently controlling
- Options menu for setting like volume, zooming behaviour and hare markation
- Changeable particle size
- Added Sound

- An option to hide the player names on demand for better aiming when you have a lot of the screen area covered with the names
- Improved colours

- Fixed little bug after finished turn in online game
- AI is smarter (no friendly fire)
- Faster canceling online game
- Canceled online game will have no replay

- 5s extra time after last bullet
- 3 weapon points per turn
- Locking zoom
- Improved Aiming
- New health bar
- Fixed a bug in the bullet calculation
- improved button mapping, using SP_PRACTICE
- Writing down tractory while flying
- New window approach
- Menu
- Multiple hares per player
- New controls
- Global health bar
- Particle Effect
- 6 Weapons

- network support
- Start of change logging
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Preview Pics
02/05/2015 12:43 UTC
I would like to see some more "organic" looking "asteroids" for the hases to fight on, maybe using perlin noise. But it's a great game already, 5 stars, and thanks for putting-in button mapping!
29/04/2015 18:25 UTC
urrently proceding, hase could well become one of the pandora's best native games.
29/04/2015 18:23 UTC
Fundamentally a very entertaining, enjoyable game. Needs polish and filling out in various areas, but is already well worth playing both online and offline. If work continues on it in the same direction as it is c
29/04/2015 17:34 UTC
Works nicely, funny insults etc, and most importantly; is much much fun! Love it :D.
28/04/2015 13:52 UTC
pretty good but needs many gameplay adjustments to be as good as something like Worms.
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