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Added:May 12, 2013
Updated:Sep 3, 2013
Package Author: MarkW
A small collection of computer algebra systems (CAS) of varying capabilities and graphing/charting applications. Currently includes:

* Mathomatic
* Yacas
* Reduce
* GNUPlot
* JGNUPlot (JRE required)

Extensive documentation and examples are included in the pnd. Mathomatic, YACAS and Reduce are all pre-configured to connect to the included GNUPlot binary for plotting. See the individual application descriptions for further details of the available functionality. Information on passing start up parameters and options to the various applications are included in the ReadMe.txt file in the root of the pnd.
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Reduce ver:
Author: Anthony Hearn et al.
Website: reduce-algebra.com
Reduce is an industrial/reserach level CAS based on a proven and mature CAS engine and has an almost 50 year pedigree. It is designed to solve problems that cannot be solved by hand. Formelry commercial software, it was recently released into the Open Source world. Included is a range of packages that greatly extend its functionality. Reduce also features a more realistic pretty output than YACAS or Mathomatic. This implementation of Reduce uses CSL (included). ***NOTE REDUCE IS CURRENTLY STARTED THROUGH A TERMINAL SESSION FROM A BASH SHELL SCRIPT - DO NOT KILL THE TERMINAL SESSION WHILST REDUCE IS RUNNING***

Modified BSD - source code
Yacas ver:
Author: Ayal Pinkus et al
Website: yacas.sourceforge.net
Yacas is a program for the symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions. It uses its own programming language designed for symbolic as well as arbitrary-precision numerical computations. The system has a library of scripts that implement many of the symbolic algebra operations; new algorithms can be easily added to the library. Yacas is a much more robust and capable CAS and mathematical programming environment than Mathomatic.

Gnu GPL - source code
Mathomatic ver:
Author: George Gesslein II
Website: www.mathomatic.org
Mathomatic is an elementry level CAS. Among its abilities are combining and solving equations containing many variables, the simplificaiton and comparison of mathematical expressions and equations, performing simple calculus transformations and series, sum and product, and the ability to perform generalized real number, complex number, modular, and polynomial arithmetic.

LGPLv2.1 - source code
Gnuplot ver:
Author: Gnuplot team
Website: www.gnuplot.info
Gnuplot is an exceptionally capable graphing and charting application, able to generate zoomable 2 and 3d onscreen plots. Output can also be generated in a wide range of file formats. All CASPack CAS packages that have plotting functionality can interface with Gnuplot by issuing the appropriate command(s) in the respective packages.

Custom - source code
JGNUplot ver:
Author: Maximilian Fabricius
Website: jgp.sourceforge.net/
A Java based GUI for GNUPlot which provides a useful ability to interact with GNUPlot from a simple GUI. Requires a Java runtime environment. I highly recommend Wizard Stan's Java Runtim pnd. Tested against Oracle's 7U10jdk. JGNUPLots features include: * Ability to enter plot commands and parameters directly * Ability to plot multiple functions simultaneously * Ability to select/deselect individual functions for plotting * Ability to export plots as images (untested) * Data editing grid Documentation on the capabilities of this application is a bit thin on the ground, although some hints can be found here: http://vanderbiltastro.pbworks.com/f/jpg.html. However, the UI should be intuitive enough. I have adjusted and re-compiled the original JAR file so that the application better fits the Open Pandora screen although you should still set your taskbar to autohide.

GPL V2 - source code
Preview Pics
08/11/2014 21:54 UTC
@MarkW sorry for not following up earlier. I was solving some physics questions which didn't have a rational solution, but precision wasn't relevant. The solver was overkill and in the end I used a calculator, but that is more error prone.
17/08/2014 10:53 UTC
fantastic port. 5 stars.
22/02/2014 16:48 UTC
@nobgu - make sure you dont have another CASPack application running when you try to start Reduce. What form of numeric approximation were you after?
22/02/2014 00:36 UTC
Couldn't get reduce running (exits immediately), but made good use of the others. Can YACAS approximate numerically?
03/09/2013 14:50 UTC
V2.1.1.1 uploaded. Added JGNUPlot - carried out miscellaneous tweaks and fixes. Further details in ReadMe.txt.
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