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Added:Sep 29, 2013
Updated:Sep 29, 2013
Package Author: MarkW
SQLite Studio is a full featured SQLite GUI database manager written in TCL/Tk, that interfaces with SQLite databases through the included SQLite library. I have included a pre-populated copy of the Chinook database (in the Chinook db directory off the root of the pnd, which contains about 15,000 rows of data) for testing purposes. Also included is a command line interace for SQLite 3.x databases. Support for SQLite 2.x databases has not been included in this pnd - should such support be required please let me know and I will see what I can do.
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SQLite3 CLI ver:
Author: Multiple
Website: www.sqlite.org/
SQLite3 Command line interface. SQLite is a simple, lightweight but very capable embedded relational database engine with features often found in large commercial RDM systems (including views, indexes, triggers complex table joins etc). SQLite implements most of the SQL92 standard and provides its functionality through a small, fast library using a cross platform file structure. See the SQLite web site for full details of the syntax (including BNF diagrams) of the supported SQL statments and details of the array of facilities SQLite supports. A tSQLite utorial from Tutorialspoint.com in pdf format has also been included in the Documentation sub directory.

Public Domain - source code
SQLite Studio ver:
Author: Paweł Salawa
Website: sqlitestudio.pl/
SQLite Studio is a comprehensive SQLite database manager, providing easy access to the full power of SQLite databases through a well behaved, intuitive GUI. Among its numerous features are: . Comprehensive, intuitive interface. . Localisations, currently translated to: English, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese. . Exports to various formats (SQL statements, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, JSON, dBase). . Imports data from various formats (CSV, dBase, custom text files [regular expressions]). . Code formatting. . Query history. . On-the-fly syntax checking. . UTF-8 support. . Skinnable (untestsed). A fairly comprehensive manual in pdf format is included in the Documentation sub directory off the root of the pnd. I have also included in this directory, a copy of a SQLite tutorial from Tutorialspoint.com in pdf format.

GPL V2 - source code
Additional Info
An issue found during testing is that if you select the SQL Query Editor from the Tools menu (see the third last screen grab), and then select the Results tab before entering and executing a valid SQL statement, SQLiteStudio crashes. If a valid query is entered and executed (even if it doesnt return any results), everything is fine. Still looking into a resolution.
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29/09/2013 09:04 UTC
PND re-submitted. Corrected URL for package. No functional changes were included.
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