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Added:Apr 6, 2014
Updated:Jul 29, 2014
Package Author: np1
A terminal based tool to stream, listen and download music from the Internets created by Al Gore. Don't be afraid of the terminal aspect, usage is extremely simple yet this tool is very powerful.
Simply enter your searched artist or song in the terminal this way ".artist song" and it will display the results in a list. Play by entering the number of the item in the list. Download the said track with "d number" (for example d 3). And that's it !
It can do a lot of other stuff. Type 'h' for more info about the commands.


- Search and stream music
- Create playlists
- Download music
- Works with Python 2.7 and 3.x (You need at least Super Zaxxon 1.60 on Pandora)
- Works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
- No Python dependencies
- Requires mplayer (already included in Pandora)

Version info:
# released July 16th 2014: Fixed encoding issue in album search feature, Fixed downloading issue with FAT32 filesystem, fixed mplayer doesn't remember last volume (#44)
# released May 9th 2014: The unicode issue should now be fixed for downloads. Additional features such as album searches were added.
# released May 1st 2014: Yeah there's no holiday here! This version fixes the unicode crashes (sometimes occuring with certain songs) and adds a volume indicator.
# released April 6th 2014: first release.
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Additional Info
Full Review and Tutorial on how to use MPS: http://pandoralive.info/?p=3380
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13/01/2015 06:56 UTC
Help! Even after installing the codec pack I get the message "mplayer not found"! What is wrong? I installed the latest SZ version and afterwards the codec pack but MPS fails to work because of the missing mplayer. In advance many thanks for your help.
21/12/2014 04:19 UTC
Finds tracks fast, cool playlist functionality. Is there a way to increase the font size and set a different d/l folder?
29/07/2014 06:12 UTC
guffboy you need to download the codec pack when you get your Pandora in order to play most media files.
21/06/2014 17:18 UTC
I'm a newbie, so this may be a very basic question. After searching, I'm having problems streaming the files - I get the message "mplayer not found". How do I fix this? I did update the OS when I got the Pandora, so this may be the problem, but I don't know how to fix it.
16/05/2014 12:58 UTC
Ok, can the person who rated this 3/5 explain why ? I'd like to hear if there are problems.
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