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 Pandora NubNub!releaseBack
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Filesize:1.37 Mb
Added:May 24, 2013
Updated:Jul 5, 2013
Package Author: Jon Sneyers
You control a creature called "the NubNub". It eats yellow stuff
to grow. If it grows big enough, you go to the next level.
The NubNub has to avoid the red stuff, because it hurts and
makes the NubNub shrink. If the NubNub shrinks too much, it dies.

Eating yellow stuff, but especially green stuff, makes the NubNub
have more attraction power to better attract yellow stuff.
Touching blue stuff diminishes attraction power and turns it
into repulsion, which makes it hard to eat yellow stuff.

Pandora NubNub! is a fast-paced, original arcade-style game
with simple vector graphics and cool music. It is played with
both nubs. Supports C4A highscores.

Game idea / coding by _wb_ (2013).
Music by Jester of Sanity (1990-1993).

v1.0.4 (July 5th, 2013):
- Added slow-mo and hyper rounds
- Added music for the two new special rounds
(now 13 music tracks total)
- Special rounds are introduced earlier
- Minor scoring changes
- Minor tweaks (e.g. more robust C4A)
v1.0.3 (June 15th, 2013):
- Minor gfx tweaks
- Fixed vsync, no more flicker
- Make sure you have most recent firmware or it may crash!
v1.0.2 (June 2nd, 2013):
- Options menu, configure shoulder button behavior
- Graphics are a bit improved (see options menu)
- Various small tweaks
v1.0.1 (May 26th, 2013):
- Bugfixes (crashing should not happen again)
- Start from any level you have reached
v1.0.0 (May 24th, 2013): Original release
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Additional Info
Gameplay video by Ingo Reis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Gd35o-31vA
Preview Pics
04/06/2013 09:02 UTC
Wow, this game is probably the most well presented game I have played on the Pandora. Excellent fluid controls that make you feel like a pro at controlling the "NubNub" from the very beginning, with simple but very effective graphics and funky MOD music that made me smile. All in all, great fun!
03/06/2013 06:02 UTC
singe8: do you mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSmZhtpoVQw ? I never saw that game before, but thanks for pointing it out. The similarity in name and controls is purely coincidental. NubNub is not based on Noby Noby Boy in any way.
03/06/2013 05:48 UTC
Sorry, what game is this supposed to be based on? Can you give me a pointer? I'm not aware of existing similar games, and it is hard to mention things I don't know. I'm also sorry to hear that you don't consider my game to be fun.
03/06/2013 05:24 UTC
You should've just called it "Nub-y Nub-y Boy". It seems a bit dishonest to never even mention the game this is based off of. It's extremely functional, but not fun.
27/05/2013 14:18 UTC
I salute you wb, thanks!
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