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 Order of TwilightreleaseBack
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Added:Dec 12, 2013
Updated:Dec 15, 2013
Package Author: numerous
Order of Twilight
by Stabyourself

This is a game where you use your arrow keys to cast a number of different spells to help you progress through the levels. It has a dozen level to go through and a challenge mode to test your wits.


Small pastel horses
More Magic
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Additional Info
UPDATE: Now with legacy filesystem support! ;-) In other words, if it was crashing for you after level 1, it shouldn't any more.

The marvelous ptitSeb ported the love engine to the Pandora; the good people at stabyourself.net wrote a game for said engine; Hasbro created a show about talking pastel horsies. Ultra_Jon wantonly mashed together all these pieces into a package that feels somewhat at home on the Pandora.

This version of Order of Twilight has had its hardcoded controls remapped and some of its in-game text and graphics reworked to reflect the new Pandora-fied controls. If you haven't played it on its original platform(s), you are missing out; personally I find the original design to be somewhat more intuitively integrated into the story. This game was made with a desktop keyboard solely in mind; the new controls are certainly comfortable (IMHO), but players may not find some of the game's secrets out as readily. Anyway, I'm proud enough of my packaging ability that I uploaded it to the repo.

Known bugs: flicker in between map tiles; nothing I can do about it.

Have fun, and let me know if I missed anything or made any mistakes.
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05/02/2014 16:46 UTC
The time-freeze part is stupid. So far I've only seen the one map that uses it, but the time it did show up, I would frequently get killed by an unavoidable trap before I could get the rune slot needed to case the time spell. After that, I found myself using it in every map, but never found any.
31/12/2013 11:40 UTC
On the axybb level not all obstacles are visible, making it virtually unplayable. Which graphics driver version is recommended?
15/12/2013 17:56 UTC
I'm using "level" to mean "screen," yeah. When the static fades in and out, that's the border to a level. So it sounds like it works for you, you're just not very good at it. ;-)
15/12/2013 16:25 UTC
I did not manage to get to the end of level 1 (or is each screen a level?), cannot solve the level with this vertical spikes and 1 critter on a plank. Challenging! Just when you grab the scroll where AXYBB, there you get stuck in a box, jumping and repeating the code to stay alive unblocks you.
15/12/2013 04:10 UTC
@FBnil: did it work / is it working? The only other feedback I've gotten so far is from a guy who said it crashes after level 1 (an error I can't reproduce). If it's broken I want to be able to fix it asap; I'd hate my first contribution to the community to be a busted piece of sh*t.
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