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 Out of OrderreleaseBack
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Added:Sep 29, 2015
Updated:Sep 29, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
Out of Order

Out of Order is a FREE point and click adventure that puts you through an extraordinary day in the ordinary life of Hurford Schlitzing.

In this humorous freeware 2D point and click adventure, which took three years to develop, you guide Hurford in his sleeping gown through about thirty hand-drawn rooms, with ingenious puzzles and a wacky storyline, as you try to find out how you ended up in a parallel world. Developer Tim Furnish made this game in his own scripting language SLUDGE, with 16-bit high resolution graphics. A complete music score and fitting sound effects have been included as well.
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Additional Info
Here is Out of Order, an adventure game "Point'n Click" using the SLUDGE engine.

The game use GLES2, and has some nice light effects and great graphism with an intriging storyline.

... But ...

As always, the CC has difficulty to make this game runs. I have found that only the 4.04 serie support the game, but even with them, there are some lock after 10 to 15 min gameplay. So save often.
On Gigahertz, the game runs fine with 4.10 and 4.03 and I have not experienced any lock. I haven't tested on Rebirth but I expect result similar to Gigahertz.

On last word, to gain some performances, I have remove a "glReadPixels" (well, many in fact). But specically, on the Mouse Pointer handling, there was some glReadPixel to get the color of the background were the mouse point, then another one after an object if draw to check if the mouse precisely point the object. I remove the glReadPixel, so the test is just a BoundingBox test. I have not completed the game, so I hope I have not break anything later in the game (the beginning runs fine).

Hostory log
Build 01
* Initial build
* Adapted to Pandora (fullscreen, GLES2 adaptations).

A thread is open here: https://boards.openpandora.org/topic/5600082-out-of-order/
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