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 Another WorldreleaseBack
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Added:Feb 3, 2013
Updated:Aug 30, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
Another World
This PND now feature 2 engines: Fabotherworld and RawGL.

"Fabother World", which is based on RAW 0.1.1.

It's an rewrite of the VM that's behind the game Out of this World (Another World in Europe).

You'll need the orginal data files to play (from Out of this World PC version, "Another World" data files won't work for now

The key mapping is:

DPad to move
B/X is action key

C to enter a code
P to pause
Alt X / ESC : to quit
Alt . : next scaler
Alt , : previous scaler
Ctrl . : next save slot
Ctrl , : previous save slot
Ctrl S : save game state
Ctrl L : load game state
Ctrl F : toggle fast mode

For RawGL, it's a more recent version, and support all Another World / Out of this World data (including the various aniversary editions)
it also support a GL renderer, but doesn't have any savestate.
The key mapping is:

DPad to move
B/X is action key

C to enter a code
P to pause
ESC : to quit
Ctrl F : toggle fast mode

the github is here: https://github.com/cyxx/rawgl

A Dialog let you setup the engine and some RawGL parameters
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Additional Info
History log

Build 05
* Added RawGL engine
* Added Dialog to choose engine at start
* RawGL support most AnotherWorld version data!

Build 03
* Added some more missing libs

Build 02
* Added a missing lib, so the PND start.
* Added "Y" button as UP.

Build 01
* Initial release
* Used Notaz's SDL
* Customized controls ("B" is action).
* Added some zenity to warn about data files

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/11891-out-of-this-world/
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04/02/2013 18:34 UTC
Yes, that's the corect nickname of this Engine. Basicaly, it's the RAW engine but rewriten in a clean C++ style, by a guy named "Fabien".
04/02/2013 17:12 UTC
"Fabother World"? Sorry for asking, but since it's rather different from "Another World": Is that a typo or a project I haven't heard of yet (and kind find on google)?
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