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 PCSX ReARMedreleaseBack
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Filesize:1.9 Mb
Added:Aug 14, 2011
Updated:Feb 5, 2015
Package Author: PCSX team/notaz
PCSX ReARMed is heavily optimized PlayStation Emulator. It's a PCSX fork based on the PCSX-Reloaded project, which itself contains code from PCSX, PCSX-df and PCSX-Revolution.

The emulator features MIPS->ARM recompiler by Ari64 and ARM NEON GPU by Exophase, that in many cases produces pixel perfect graphics at very high performance. There is also NEON-optimized GTE code, optimized P.E.Op.S. (Pete's) SPU; PCSX4ALL and traditional P.E.Op.S. GPUs are also available.
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Additional Info
BIOS files are optional, but are needed for compatibility with some games. These uncompressed files should be copied to /pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/bios/ , and selected after launching the emulator itself (Options -> BIOS/Plugins).

Double resolution rendering and gamma/brightness control features need SuperZaxxon 1.52 or later firmware to be installed. DSP feature needs SZ1.61 or later.

Changes in r22:
* fixed a crash related to DSP code
* other minor fixes

Changes in r21:
* Now using pandora's DSP to emulate the SPU (needs SZ1.61 or later). Visit the forums for more info.
* Some tweaks for the scanline effect and other things

Changes in r20:
* fixed some sound issues (wrong sound effects in Final Fantasy series)
* SPU timing has been improved, which means audio will no longer slow down when emu is not fast enough and stutter instead, as the former behavior causes accuracy issues. Old mode can be restored in SPU plugin config options, but is not recommended.
* savestates now save small parts of dynarec state to reduce dynarec related slowdowns after savestate load
* menu: fixed file browser issues with filesystems like exfat-fuse
* menu: memcard manager: selected card is saved in config now
* added some basic scanline efect
* some CD image loading fixes
* some other minor fixes
14/11/2011 21:14 UTC
Idea: If the user navigates to a folder, which holds only 1 game (meaning not more than 1 img/bin/… file), this action shall launch the game right away, sparing the user to navigate to the respective file to then launch it. I see no surplus to navigate in a dir which anyhow only holds 1 game. Righ
14/11/2011 21:07 UTC
Overall impression: Great! + Emulation is fluent + Menu overlays look fine & are logic in their navigational structure + Good default KeyConfig (resembles PS layout as close as possible: ABXY fit exactly, L2/R2=Q/P nearest) nub can be used as analogue ctrl - No support to load from compressed files.
16/10/2011 10:01 UTC
as far as i remember pcsx should support *.z archives [i checked the source few months back], but it seems that PCSX binary don't want to load any ".z packed" iso
15/10/2011 07:46 UTC
Rugrats in Paris is broken now. It worked (kind of) in r7.
16/08/2011 15:29 UTC
awesome release
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