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Added:Jul 1, 2012
Updated:Jul 31, 2012
Package Author: Al McLuckie (PurplePup)
REWORD is a word finding game with game modes such as Arcade, Classic, TimeTrial etc.
where you must find words from a jumble of letters to progress to the next level. Some modes such as Arcade
allow you to continue if you get the maximum word or a number of smaller word, but Classic mode only allows
progresss if the longest word is found each time. Other modes play a timed game.
Getting smaller words will always add to your score.

The source code directory contains a simple command line utility (rewordlist) that allows you to build
Reword dictionaries from public xdxf dictionaries or word list files. Rewordlist has no UI but has built
in help instructions.
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Additional Info
- Added eng_common_all (bigger more generic) and eng_small_6_letter (original reword) dictionaries
- Added (Y) button in menus for [back]
- In-game keyboard feedback on screen
- On screen help messages platform/keyboard specific
- Improvements to Rewordlist dictionary builder utility
- Added A-Z keyboard so player can type words if they want (or use Pandora controls)
- Updated dictionaries to support 6, 7 and 8 letter longest (re-word) words
- Ability to switch dictionaries within the options screen (UK and US included)
- New 'Arcade' game mode that allows progress without requiring a longest word
- Save game feature for returning to a part-played game
- Some animation and design improvements

- Word count display fixed
- Randomness bug in Win32 build
- Dictionary term scrolling
- Touch offset being thrown off should now be fixed
- Changed letter roundel colour to have more contrast
- Improved hi-score inits entry screen to allow A-Z kbd update and show prev inits

Known bugs:
- Sound (fx) button sometimes gets reversed
Preview Pics
10/09/2012 19:53 UTC
Nice game! A bit hard (even in easy mode some words are rather obscure if you ask me), but then again I'm not a native speaker.
03/07/2012 13:13 UTC
If you like word games then give this a go, very well designed around the Pandora input system.
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