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Added:Mar 4, 2014
Updated:Aug 2, 2015
Package Author: notaz
StarCraft is a popular military science fiction real-time strategy video game.

This is statically recompiled Windows executable, that was recompiled to ARM and bundled with ARM version of wine.

Data files from original full game are required, here's how to prepare them:
1. Install the game on PC.
2. Install the expansion.
3. Apply the official patch.
4. As instructed by the patch notes, copy some files from CDs:
- For StarCraft, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraft CD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "StarCraft.mpq".
- For Brood War, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the Brood War CD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "BroodWar.mpq".
5. Try the game on the PC without any CD inserted, if it works, you're ready to copy it to SD card.
6. Copy the whole game folder to pandora/appdata folder of SD card, and name it "starcraft". In the end you should have files like BroodWar.mpq directly in that folder.
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Additional Info
Due to extensive changes to the game in later versions (OpenGL2 requirement, x86-only anti-cheat engine), only the classic 1.16.1 version is supported. This can be obtained by installing the game from CDs and then applying the patches. At the time of writing 1.16.1 patches are still available from Blizzard:

If the game doesn't start on Windows after following the instructions, make sure you disabled "hide file extensions for known file types" and check the file names again.

Release history:
- wine updates from jazz2 project:
-- optimizations, reduced wineserver CPU usage
-- reduced audio latency
- added a launcher with some options. If you don't want to change anything, just press enter or space to launch the game.
- added optional fullscreen scaling
- recompiled with latest tools

- implemented partial surface update (improves performance)
- added adaptive vsync (saves battery)
- fixed a crash when scrolling replay list

- fixed various crashes
- changed left-shoulder+click to act as rightclick (latest pandora firmware update required for rightclick functionality).
19/04/2014 08:37 UTC
This is an amazing piece of engineering! I bow before you, Notaz - incredible! My son recently discovered Starcraft 2 for him so I decided to buy "Starcraft Anthology" for myself and play it on my pandora. Everything works like a charm by now - only problem are my old eyes and the tiny fonts. ;-)
18/03/2014 11:35 UTC
Mind blowing "impossible conversion"!!! Works like a charm on my 1st batch Pandora with the spanish version of the game.
12/03/2014 02:57 UTC
Looks like most people had no problems following the instructions.
11/03/2014 18:28 UTC
My install was painless from the original CDs, Installed Starcraft, then Broodwar expansion. then the patch. Copy and renamed the INSTALL.EXE for both the Starcraft and Broodwar like in step 4. I renamed the dir to lowercase, then copied over to my SD card directly to the appdata dir.
11/03/2014 08:46 UTC
I just want to go on record to say that installation was painless for me, but the fact my copy comes from the starcraft 2 collectors edition jim raynor dogtags usb stick might have something to do with that ;)
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