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 PandaVision (jzintv)releaseBack
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Filesize:7.93 Mb
Added:Oct 1, 2014
Updated:Mar 10, 2018
Package Author: Joe Zbiciak
PandaVision is an Intellivision Emulator written by Joe Zbiciak and ported to the Pandora by EvilDragon.

It should run almost every Intellivision game out of the box (automatically recognizes the mapper to be used), including Intellivoice and ECS Support (the latter needs ecs.bin).

Controls are:
D-Pad / Left Nub: Controller Disc
A,X,B: Fire Buttons
Y: Pause Game
0-9: Keypad
Backspace: clear
ENTER: enter

ESC: Quit Game
F5: Switch to keymap 0 (default keymap)
F7: Switch to keymap 2 (ECS keyboard keymap)
F10: Toggle movie recording
F11: Take screen shot
F12: Reset emulator

UPDATE 2018-03-10

* Updated to 20180205 with tons of bugfixes and PAL-support
* Unfortunately, it doesn't work with notaz' SDL anymore (black screen), so it's disabled for the moment.

UPDATE 2014-10-09:

* Added D1K Arcade and D2K Arcade to the mapper list
* Added Fullscreen option
* Fixed CFG-File handling

UPDATE 2014-10-04:

* Updated to SVN1123, which adds Scale4x filter
* Used WizardStans keyboard-Hackfile to make controls usable for more games
* Changed to notaz' SDL with VSYNC and Doublebuffering (smoother graphics)
* Keyboard-Hackfiles for specific games can now be created and put into the same directory as the ROM (named ROMNAME.kbd)
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09/10/2014 18:40 UTC
Thank you for listening to my request! DK Arcade works fine now and the fullscreen option makes it much more enjoyable for me! ;)
02/10/2014 14:00 UTC
v1.0.Beta 4.1
5/5..Much more polished than the previous INTV emulator I had. Really nice interface and it plays more games easier. Great job here.
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