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Added:Jul 28, 2012
Updated:Sep 2, 2012
Package Author: ekianjo
Simple Clock Application With Local Weather Support and Worldwide TimeZone Support. Written for Pandora.

Version 1.3.6 adds internet time synchronization, when internet is on. Synchronization happens only once, at the start of the application.
Version 1.3.5 builds on the alarm function. The alarm is now ringing continously, flashing the screen on and off until you press any key or button.
Version 1.3.4 introduces the possibility to add a custom RSS feed instead of a Twitter feed.
Version 1.3.3 fixes a number of remaining bugs from previous versions, and adds a few graphical fixes as well. Update recommended.
Version 1.3.2 adds a few minor aesthetic tweaks (boxes around additional locations) as well as wallpapers displayed in the background (can be changed/removed with left-right on the D-pad). Wallpapers in this application are all under creative-commons licenses. Version 1.3 enables the selection of a custom Twitter feed to be displayed on-screen, by pressing R and entering the feed profile name. It also adds GUIHINTS for the display of options in the bottom bar, for clarity on the key controls. Version 1.2 added a RSS feed for the London 2012 Olympics, which can activated/deactivated by pressing the (R) key while connected to the Internet. The feed is updated every few minutes so you can get the latest results. PREVIOUSLY: Version 1.1 adds a new color (turquoise) for display, along with the possibility of display text, text+icon, icon only, or nothing to notify the Internet Connection. Timeout for Internet Connection has been increased as well, to fetch online data.
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Additional Info

1.3.6 Internet time synchronization provided you are online before launching the application! You can cut the connection afterwards and the time delta will remain until you quit the application.
1.3.5: Improvements on the alarm function, making it ring continuously until you press any key or button. Screen flashes as well.
1.3.4: Option to display a custom RSS feed (using R, and switching between a twitter feed and a RSS feed with left/right on Dpad). The URL for the RSS Feed needs to be the full URL including HTTP etc
1.3.3: Number of bug fixes. No new features, update is highly recommended for consistency and overall experience.
1.3.2: the addition, among other things, of wallpapers (b&w) in the background.
1.3.1: update to display the twitter feed in a slightly nicer way.
1.3: adds custom Twitter account support for display (Press R when you are connected to Internet).
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29/07/2012 02:44 UTC
Lomaxx, let me know the woeid of the town you used and I can confirm if that is the right one or not :)
28/07/2012 23:01 UTC
awesome app! :)
28/07/2012 19:05 UTC
hm, on the other hand I have absolutely no proof if i got the right town now. ;) Well the temperature seems to be realistic.
28/07/2012 18:57 UTC
A really nice, little app. I was not able to enter my very small German hometown (containing spaces in the name), but modified the profile.txt in the appdata-folder manually after looking up the six-digit-number on weather.yahoo.com (shown in the link in firefox when moving mouse on the town-name)
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