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 Possible WorldsreleaseBack
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Filesize:20.02 Mb
Added:Dec 2, 2015
Updated:Dec 2, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
Possible Worlds is an openGL-accelerated 3D game that was created in the course of a Computer Graphics lab exercise at the Technical University of Vienna. It won the competition for the best game.


* Runs under Win 9x / NT / 2k and Linux
* Full 3D Environment
* 360° 3-Axis full movement
* Physically accurate lighting model
* Spectacular explosion / dust FX
* more than 30 3D objects
* 25 digital Sound FX
* mp3 and mod.module soundtrack
* intelligent enemy AI
* 4 challenging missions with continous storyline
* 7 different Camera perspectives
* 4 weapon systems
* feature-packed Cockpit
* Headlight beams and Halo / Lens Flare FX
* Mission Briefings
* Intro, Outro and Credits Sequences
* Load / Save your progress in 5 save slots
* more or less hidden eastereggs ;)
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Additional Info
Here is Possible Worlds, a 3D OpenGL game remissant of FreeSpace, but Underwater.

Keymap has been slightly adapted to the Pandora:

Accelerate  {Y}
Decelerate  {X}
Pitch down DPad-up
Pitch upCursor DPad-down
Turn leftCursor DPad-left
Turn rightCursor DPad-right
Roll left    {A}
Roll right  {B}
Camera: Still    1
Camera: Flyby   2
Camera: Cockpit   3
Camera: Behindview   4
Camera: Freecam    5
Camera: Freecam: Rotate   o / p
Camera: Freecam: Zoom    9 / 0
Camera: Topcam      6
Camera: Bottomcam    7
Camera: View Target / Back to Player    8
Toggle Left / Middle / Right display    q / w / e
Zoom Map                  o / p
Zoom Radar               k / l
Adjust Display Transparency          9 / 0
Target next object            x
Untarget                          c
Fire                           Space / {L}
Cycle Weapons           Tab
Toggle Headlight          backspace
Adjust Headlight angle        {R} + use Cursor keys
Next Waypoint               Backspace
Call Menu / Exit Menu                 Esc
Enable / Disable Wireframe mode          F1
Enable / Disable FPS-o-meter             F4

History log
Build 01
* Initial build
* converted FMOD to SDL_mixer
* Some Pandora customisation

A thread is open here: https://boards.openpandora.org/topic/5600324-possible-worlds/
Preview Pics
02/12/2015 14:02 UTC
Nice Game Thank you :D
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