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 Games Remakes in QB64releaseBack
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Added:Feb 15, 2014
Updated:Apr 6, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
Games Remakes in QB64

Those are a few Games recreated in QB64

You will find Barbarian from various plateform and Crazy Cars from teh CPC

The games are completely redone from scratch. Sources code (in QB64) are in the PND.

The keys have been adapted to the Pandora.

And now, with a modified Amiga version dedicated to C4A!
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Additional Info
Here are some games remakes done in qb64. Qb64 is a sort of quickbasic on steroid and multiplatform.

The remakes are Barbarian (also known as Death Sword) and Crazy Cars. The remakes also target specifics plateforms. For Crazy Cars, it's only on the Amstrad CPC. For Barbarian, I selected Comodore Amiga & C64, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum. There are also a few other (Atari ST, PC CGA and Apple II) but didn't convert them. Scream if you want any of them added.
Also, the author is working on an Outrun/CPC remake, but it's not finished enough to be really playable, so I didn't included it neither.

History log
Build 03
* Fixed C4A version that wouldn't submit on normal Game Over

Build 02
* Added a special Amiga Barbarian with C4A Score
* Fixed some Crazy Cars issues

Build 01
* Initial Build
* Default to fullscreen
* Key adapted to OpenPandora
* Candidate to the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition 2013/2014

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/15669-games-remakes-in-qb64/
Preview Pics
18/06/2015 16:31 UTC
The porsche appears fine in the current version now. I only rated this three stars, not because of any failigs by either porters, but just because these aren't my favourite games.
16/02/2014 22:33 UTC
Barbarian is a gift. Only gripe is that with Crazy Cars the 2nd car [PORSCHE] tends to fly in the air every time the car is turned to the right and is not visible other than it's shadow. The 1st and 3rd cars worked perfectly. Audio of engine has a tendency to skip. Did not play over 3rd car. 4/5.
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