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Added:May 21, 2016
Updated:Jul 24, 2016
Package Author: Magic Sam
Retrobattle is made to look and feel like the classic arcade-style NES games, such as Ice Climber and Clu Clu Land. Not only are the sprites limited to three colors each, but the scoring, increasing difficulty, and setup of the game makes for a challenging arcade experience that mixes various oldschool concepts. Note that playing on Skill 1 is pretty boring compared to the havoc of Skill 8, so it may seem slow at first.
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Additional Info

New in build #8

- Recompiled with ptitSeb's latest beta Code::Blocks
- Debug symbols are ON (they were already ON anyway)
- data/sfx/test.wav: the file is now 44 khz and volume is much higher (Thanks Farox for mhWaveEdit ! That tune was barely audible before...)

New in build #7

- Switched fusilli options from --cache to --test-me
- Removed fusilli emptycache command

New in build #6

- Added C4A support with fusilli client !!! Many thanks to Ziz and skeezix for their help :)

New in build #5

- Reverted SDL_OMAP_LAYER_SIZE value to "fullscreen"
- Changed build type from "beta" to "release"

Older versions: see release thread


(X) to jump
(B) to fire
Enter: confirm
P: pause
Esc: exit

Known bugs:

- the game freezes sometimes, often at the very beginning of a new level...
- a white blinking dot may appear in the level sometimes. It'll stay on screen, even after a "game over". You'll have to exit the application in order to get rid of it.
- some pieces of the level seem to be drawn in places where they shouldn't be. I noticed it several times, always in level 9 (?), and always near the upper left corner.

Release thread:

Preview Pics
22/10/2016 22:20 UTC
Much fun, it's all about the gameplay.
31/05/2016 20:15 UTC
Easy? Hah! Try skill level 8. Note: You can shoot walls too to get to places where you can not access. Also, you can shoot a ledge into a wall while falling to step on the new plateau. Good gameplay, makes you come back for another go.
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