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 Slade 3releaseBack
Filesize:55.17 Mb
Added:Aug 23, 2014
Updated:Aug 24, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
SLADE It's a Doom editor

SLADE3 is a modern editor for Doom-engine based games and source ports. It has the ability to view, modify, and write many different game-specific formats, and even convert between some of them, or from/to other generic formats such as PNG.

SLADE3 can be considered a successor to both SLumpEd and SLADE - it combines the features of both, to create an all-in-one editor. Why does it keep the name of what was previously just a map editor? Because it fits :)

In the current version, the map editor is implemented, featuring 2D and 3D view and more. Also, ZDBSP and GZdoom are include to make the PND a complete DooM editing solution.
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Additional Info
Here is Slade 3, a Doom Editor. For conveniance, I included zdbsp for node building.

Not much to say, it seems to works, but probably needs testing.

History log
Build 02
* Fixed music (you may have to delete your old appdata/slade/home folder or manualy add "/mnt/utmp/slade/sf2/TimGM6mb.sf2:/mnt/utmp/slade/sf2/FluidR3_GS.sf2" as sf2 font).
* Fixed 3D Rendered view
* Added a copy of GZDoom (but I'm not sure how to use it. Use "gzdoom", not gzdoom.arm directly).

Build 01
* Initial build

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/16877-slade-3-its-a-doom-editor/
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