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Added:Feb 9, 2014
Updated:Dec 20, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
The SmokinGuns game started its life under the name of Western Quake. It was originally developed by a team known as Iron Claw Interactive. They released WQ3 beta 2.0 in 2003, after which development all but ceased. In May 2005, development of Western Quake´┐Ż was taken over of by a bunch of cowboys calling themselves The Smokin' Guns with the blessings of the former team. With the release of the stand alone version in 2008, the game was renamed to Smokin' Guns, and the team to Smokin' Guns Productions. Throughout this manual, anytime you see the word "we" it should be noted that "we" refers to one or the other (or both) teams.
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Additional Info
Here is Smokin'Guns, a StandAlone FPS using Quake 3 Arena engine.

The game is an Arena oriented game set in a Western theme. It features bots also so single player is possible.

You should change the default setup at first start.
I have added all the customization from my other Q3A Engine ports, like Mouse Button on Shoulder (deactivable by putting the file .noshouldermb in apddata/smokinguns), Left nub as Joystick and Right nub as Mouse (changeable with the files left_nub and right_nub inside appdata/smokinguns), and a full GLES renderer.

Bots are available for Single Player, but may use quite some CPU, so don't expect super high framerates on SinglePlayer.

History log
Build 03
* New QVM with Dynarec

Build 02
* Relaxed memory check
* Improved default setting (smaller textures, better keys)

Build 01
* Initial build
* Left nub as Joystick and Right nub as mouse (change that with left_nub and right_nub files in appdata/smokinguns)
* Mouse buttons on Shoulder buttons (deactivable by putting a file named .noshouldermb inside appdata/smokinguns)
* Entry to the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition 2013/2014

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/15629-smokin-guns/
Preview Pics
23/12/2014 21:26 UTC
this works very well now 5/5,,,i am impressed.
16/02/2014 13:41 UTC
Build 02 should have fixed all the loading issues
10/02/2014 13:40 UTC
will not load
10/02/2014 06:12 UTC
thanks for the port, will give it a try :)
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