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 Snowman ReloadedreleaseBack
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Filesize:10.29 Mb
Added:Feb 13, 2014
Updated:Jul 10, 2018
Package Author: Ziz
Snowman is an entry I originally made in just one week for the "Homebrew platforming competition" two years ago.
Now I participate again for the "Alive and Kicking Coding Competition" with new enemies, new levels, improved engine and c4a support!
It is an 2D jump and run with 3D graphics totally rendered with the cpu.
In Snowman you are a snowman with the task to kill a given number of enemies per level to unlock the next level. If you collect snow you grow, but nearly every action you do let's you loose snow again like jumping (1 snow), shooting (2 snow) or getting hit by an enemy (3 snow). So you have to economize your snow.
Try to solve levels as fast as possible to get a better score in c4a!

Change for version Fixed a little bug, that my crashed the whole game at level change. Maybe the bug CCF mentioned? However, thanks to Foxblock for his great reproducible bugreport!
Change for version Higher timeout (15s instead of 10s) as people have problems commiting the c4a scores. I hope this helps.
Change for version Cooler music change + no music break at loading c4a scores.
Change for version Fixed an error in the map for hard mode. Furthermore add a "Try again" entry if the c4a submit fails.
Change for version Fixed an error since version, which broke the hard mode.
Change for version Fixed another sound bug. Snowman is now officially bug free. :P
Change for version Downloading the two scores now parallel
Change for version Hopefully last version with some little improvements like acceleration when moving, maximized falling speed and level reset via select,
Change for version Fixed a bug, that you can't cancel exiting the game
Change for version Let's use NEON they said... it will be fast they said...
Change for version I can count to potato!
Change for version Changeable button mapping. Just edit the controls.cfg in the appdata folder.
Change for version Control mapping changeable ingame.
Change for version C4A should now work better
Change for version Fixed almost unseeable drawing bug
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15/02/2014 16:30 UTC
@CCF: Could you give me a more helpful error report? When exactly did it crash? Which level? What did you try to to? What does the log say?
15/02/2014 16:14 UTC
Very nice. On occasion ,after my last life, it crashes to desktop. 4/5.
14/02/2014 22:03 UTC
Liking this very much!
14/02/2014 06:30 UTC
Awesome, good to see new improved Snowman game :)
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