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Added:Nov 24, 2019
Updated:Nov 24, 2019
Package Author: Farox
SubTerra is a puzzle/action game, reminiscent of the classics Boulder Dash and Chip's Challenge, although SubTerra is more varied.
The basic goal of each level is simple: collect a set amount of gems, then run to the exit. However, a myriad of obstacles block your way,
testing your reflexes, your puzzle skills, or both. There's falling rocks, duplication machines, enemies, laser beams,
machinery that changes gems, heavy explosives, a variety of tools to help you out, and a monster that eats those tools.

To make things worse, each level has an additional "difficult" mode, requiring more gems, a harder-to-reach exit, and imposing a time limit.
A nifty feature is that the tutorial levels, normally the easiest in the set, have a challenging extra puzzle in difficult mode.

SubTerra is a freeware 2D action/puzzle game by independent developer Pieter Simoons (a.k.a Radiant) of Crystal Shard Games.
The contents of this archive are copyright (c) Pieter Simoons aka Radiant, but they are also freeware, by which I mean that
you are hereby granted the right to use and/or distribute these files as you please, as long as you do so for free.

Pandora port is based on the x86 Linux release of the game and run with the help of the Box86(dynarec) library of ptitSeb.
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Additional Info
Thread on forum https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/subterra.98920/

To be able to play music in the game we need to have Timidity pnd installed before, and next go to configuration menu and enable music.
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11/01/2020 23:18 UTC
@KidPaddle Yes some font is barely readable, as the game use a 800*600 resolution and the menu is designed on a small part of the screen, on Pandora is used the OMAP SDL by Notaz to scale down. Since this game is not open source there is nothing that i could change sorry.
11/01/2020 06:00 UTC
Nice game, somtime the font is to small for reading.
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