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Added:Sep 22, 2011
Updated:Oct 25, 2011
Package Author: Ported by Pickle, Mr Rob
SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the GPL. This is the Milestone 1 Release.
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Additional Info
With permission/assistance from Pickle, I've updated Supertux (version 0.1.3 Milestone 1) and uploaded it here.

Specific changes: (October 25, 2011)
1. Corrected the location of the 'preview block' in the level editor.
2. Due to the wider screen, I needed to expand the size of the default level for the level editor. (October 9, 2011)
1. Enabled the mouse. I believe it didn't work in my PND or the original as they were using a modified version of libSDL. I'm going to use the default one on the Pandora and see if it causes any problems.
2. The level editor now works on the 800x480 resolution.
3. I've included documentation with some basic Pandora specific instructions plus the README from the original game.
4. Added more screenshots for it (my screenshots were taken on my desktop, and are 640x480, if anyone wants to provide proper 800x480 screenshots, you're more than welcome). I also changed the icon to be the icon from the original game. You're welcome, milkshake!
5. Added the "Tux Strikes Back" levelset. Can be found under "Bonus Levels".

Release thread for discussion: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php?/topic/5417-supertux-013-milestone-1-updated/

Preview Pics
12/03/2013 13:44 UTC
Mario as a penguin...I like it. Quality game.
11/10/2011 02:36 UTC
@magic_sam: Hmm, there shouldn't be any conflict between the two PNDs. I did change the icon to the official one from the project, so maybe that's throwing you off.As for SuperTux2, it's still a work in progress, being slowed down by my lack of OpenGL ES knowledge. But I'm getting there, ha.
10/10/2011 19:37 UTC
Hi ! Thanks Mr_Rob for this updated version, the new levels are really great :) It seems to conflict with your SuperTux 2 beta though, as only one game out of two will appear in the menu, when both are installed... Any progress on the OpenGL ES 2 front ? Bye and thanks again ! Magic Sam
23/09/2011 12:50 UTC
Aaaah, you mean the alpha values for the transparency. A new icon may not be enough to warrant a new version, however, the next time I fix something or add a level set, I'll change the icon, too.
23/09/2011 09:50 UTC
the problem with the icon is that it has a white block background. If the white background was transparrent instead It would look better. Or just use the lush icon I provided ;) im sure people will know what app its for.
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