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Filesize:5.1 Mb
Added:Nov 10, 2012
Updated:Feb 18, 2013
Package Author: freamon
Openbox is a highly configurable, next-generation Window Manager, written by Dana Jansens and Mikael Magnusson. This PND will install it, and add it as an option in the Switch GUI dialog box. Openbox offers fast execution and low resource-usage, and has been configured so you can easily launch PNDs, get online, and use Pandora-friendly keyboard shortcuts.

Updated to include warlock bar to automatically display desktop PNDs, and Nitrogen to graphically set backgrounds.

Further updated to enable easy switching of Openbox / GTK+ themes, implement user requests and fix minor problems.

Updated again to include tint2 panel.

Further updates for compatibility with official build, and additional functionality.
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Additional Info
Forum post for this version: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/10690-switch-gui-openbox/#entry225173

Wiki Page: http://pandorawiki.org/OpenBox

New keybindings: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/10690-switch-gui-openbox/page-8#entry222899

If you get the bug where most System applications appear in the root of the PNDs menu, please delete the CodecPack.pnd, as it's that pnd which causes the problem (I don't know why yet).

This new version (4) automates the install and seperates each program into it's own ipk - there's 10 in total, but the maximum size of the complete install is still only about 3 megs (this PND is bigger because it also contains Nitrogen).
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10/02/2013 07:40 UTC
Can this be installed without Nitrogen?
30/01/2013 11:53 UTC
Adjusted my rating to 5 stars, using this as my default GUI now.
13/12/2012 04:46 UTC
This is almost perfect now. I can switch from minimenu to a GUI. Really wish minimenu had gotten more love love, as it is almost perfect as well.
04/12/2012 07:06 UTC
The PND System menu bug has solved by CountOrlock on the forums (the solution is to delete the CodecPack.pnd). Also, games now has subcategories.
12/11/2012 16:01 UTC
Nice lightweight window manager, and some integration done with the PND system. Some glitches and room for improvement left (see forum thread), so for now, I'm rating 3/5. Most annoying problem is the PND System menu bug; also I get only one level of menus (e.g. no subcategories in games).
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