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 Pandora System InforeleaseBack
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Added:Sep 5, 2012
Updated:Sep 17, 2014
Package Author: Jon Sneyers
Ridiculously accurate battery information, so you can actually see exactly how fast
the battery is (dis)charging and exactly how many micro Ampere hours it has left.
Also contains a CPU usage monitor (including info on power-saving states),
memory usage information, storage free space (SD cards, NAND, USB),
network statistics and hardware model info.
Optionally keep detailed log files (.csv) and plot them.
From within Pandora System Info you can also change the CPU, DSP, and system bus
clock frequency and toggle wifi, wifi power-saving, and USB.

New in version 1.0.0:
- CPU: view and change CPUfreq governor (performance/ondemand/conservative/powersave)
- CPU: shows top 3 processes
- CPU: shows number of interrupts and context switches, cpu temperature (thanks, notaz!)
- Storage: shows R/W speed (based on notaz' code)
- horizontal/vertical stacking (press H,V), gadget mode (press G)
- plotting: now with smooth mcsplines to get rid of overshoot
- plotting no longer separate menu entry: press P in system info to plot
- various small bugfixes/tweaks
New in version 0.9.1:
- logging writes less frequently to SD (good for low-power measurement)
- changed size units to 1KB = 1000 bytes (makes more sense for SD cards)
- some more information about SD cards (OEM,date,name,SN)
- improved plots, use PIV as viewer if available
- no more 4 GB limit for network traffic
- reduced memory footprint further (especially when minimized)
- plot current log from System Info (press J)
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Additional Info
Feedback welcome: http://pnd.to/sysinfo-feedback

Interaction design by porg (Stefan Nowak)
Preview Pics
21/09/2014 07:34 UTC
Great update! In H/V stacked mode it is possible to scroll until only the about page is visible alone. Don't know whether that is intentional.
19/09/2014 15:55 UTC
I love the new splines! And your desktop too, that screenshot #3 really tells a story!
24/06/2014 19:47 UTC
I don't use this often, but I am glad I have it when I need it.
12/05/2014 19:45 UTC
All of my SD cards have a capacity that is 10^9 bytes per GB. I think that is standard practice. I could make a button to switch between KB/MB/GB and KiB/MiB/GiB if you want.
12/05/2014 06:38 UTC
Nice update, though I don't agree that SI based units make any sense for storage sizes:-) None of my SD cards has a size that is divisible by 10, but all are divisble by 1024.
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