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 The DevilreleaseBack
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Filesize:4.62 Mb
Added:Apr 11, 2013
Updated:May 3, 2013
Package Author: ptitSeb
The Devil has grown weary of his prescribed antics and sets out on a journey to have a little talk with God. The denizens of Hell are trying to prevent him from making the journey so he must take them all out.

Hordes of demons are closing in on you and you must try to survive while wiping them out. Collect their remains to increase your multiplier and rack up insane scores!

The Devil features a short but challenging story mode, eternal (survival) mode, and online leaderboards.

The Devil v1.1 End-User License Agreement
The Devil is (c)2010 T³ Software. The Devil is provided as-is and without
warranty.You may distribute The Devil freely (without charge) provided you
include this license with any redistributed package. Any modified version
created using the source code must also include this license. If you would like
to distribute The Devil as part of a compilation or some other form that is
profitable monetarily you must contact the author for permission before doing

T³ Software makes no gaurantees regarding the The Devil software. We take no
responsibility for any damages the software may cause to you or your equipment,
though it has not been known to cause any problems. Please contact us if you
have any trouble with the software and we'll see if we can resolve the problem.
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Additional Info
This is a beta port, using the still experimental port of Allegro5.1

Note that the NUBS are set to Analog on start (and restored at exit).

History log

Build 03
* Default is really now on Dual Analog
* New "Autodetect" option.

Build 02
* Default to Dual Analog
* Option to have anamorphic fullscreen or centered with black bars.
* Bigger font
* You can use Up/Down (or Left Nub in DualAnalog) to choose menu, validate with enter
* in synch with new version 1.2
* Thanks to Todd, the author, for the many adjustement to the code to fit the Pandora !

Build 01
* Initial release.

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/12705-the-devil/
Preview Pics
16/11/2014 03:43 UTC
Fun game, if a little intense at times. Works really well for me.
26/04/2013 19:04 UTC
new release is better now 5/5.
26/04/2013 17:54 UTC
New release 1.2 feature fullscreen, among other things. The screenshot in the PND are still from build 01.
12/04/2013 12:26 UTC
I really enjoyed this fast twitch reflex game. Wish it was a bit larger. 4/5 Thanks for this.
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