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Added:Jun 18, 2013
Updated:Sep 16, 2013
Package Author: Ekianjo
Trojita is a fast Qt IMAP email client. Its purpose is as follows...

- Enables you to access your mail anytime, anywhere.
- Does not slow you down. If we can improve the productivity of an e-mail user, we better do.
- Respects open standards and facilitate modern technologies. We value the vendor-neutrality that IMAP provides and are committed to be as interoperable as possible.
- Is efficient — be it at conserving the network bandwidth, keeping memory use at a reasonable level or not hogging the system's CPU.
- Can be used on many platforms. One UI is not enough for everyone, but our IMAP core works fine on anything from desktop computers to cell phones and big ERP systems.
- Plays well with the rest of the ecosystem. We don't like reinventing wheels, but when the existing wheels quite don't fit the tracks, we're not afraid of making them work.
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Additional Info
This email client is very fast and its interface is very clean. It only connects via IMAP so don't expect POP3 support. This being said IMAP is very functional and practical if you want close to real-time sync with your email server.

Displaying pictures in HTML emails should now work better in this version. Please test and report.

For sending emails you need to tick off "Save outgoing emails" in the preferences and you need to put your password in the SMTP settings as well.

A thread is opened here on the boards:
Preview Pics
17/09/2013 20:10 UTC
Thanks for the update. The fetching message symbol on the preview doesn't disappear after loading. The compose key does not work in the message editor window.
17/09/2013 10:02 UTC
@asimov-solensan Yeha I have noticed the mail freezing bug. I have no idea why this is happening... I will check with the developers :)
17/09/2013 09:23 UTC
It works quite well, and is easy to configure. Version complains about not having permissions on a folder. The major issue is that some mails freeze or crash the program, but this same mails also made claws to freeze.
29/06/2013 20:54 UTC
This is exactly what it claims to be. Some small problems, but fully usable.
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