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 TSLIB updatereleaseBack
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Added:Apr 26, 2014
Updated:Apr 26, 2014
Package Author: dimag0g
This is an update to tslib library which handles the touch screen input.
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Additional Info
Who should install the update?
If you have cursor movements when you change touch pressure, this is for you. If you click in the corner and end up selecting a small rectangle instead of a proper click, this should help as well. If sometimes you do two distinct clicks and instead you get a selection bound by those two clicks, you should also update (if clicks are still merged, edit /etc/ts.conf and decrease maxdelay to 50...100).The opposite situation, when you select a big region, and selection suddenly resets and restarts from the middle, might also be addressed.

Any other issues will probably not be addressed. DO NOT install this update if you don't have the described issues.

How to install?
- Run the PND file and answer "yes" to install the update.
- Restart your unit, then run Settings - Calibrate touchscreen. The new calibration utility tries to record an accurate pressure profile during calibration, so the calibration process is a little complicated. Basically, you have to put the stylus on the cross, then gradually increase the pressure to the max, then gradually decrease the pressure, all without moving the stylus.
- PND file can be removed after installation

Support thread

If you have bugs to report, please consider attaching your /etc/pointercal file and/or a small log from ts_print_raw recorded during the bug, if you think these files would be relevant to the problem.
27/04/2014 03:08 UTC
Good tool. Thanks! Should be part of the firmware.
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