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Filesize:3.39 Mb
Added:Apr 3, 2011
Updated:Feb 27, 2015
Package Author: john4p, TomB (Pandora changes), Pickle (initial Pandora port)
A fast and optimized Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 Emulator
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Additional Info
Changelog 2015-02-27 (TomB)
- Bugfix: Minor graphic bug in Love Demo fixed
- CPU idle indicator in status line
- Performance update for AGA

Changelog 2015-01-24 (TomB)
- Bugfix: Graphic glitches in very rare situations after loading a saved state
- Bugfix: Crash while loading/saving states

Changelog 2014-08-25 (TomB)
- Bugfix for missing screenshots in savestates
- Better support of Pandora keyboard. Special keys now accessible the same way as on your Pandora (when US keyboard layout selected on Amiga side)

Changelog 2014-08-15 (TomB)
- Compiled with newer version of gcc, now much faster (need feetback if everything is working as before)

Changelog 2014-08-14 (TomB)
- GUI: select memory size now with slider (thanks to lubomyr, we need space for more options)
- Bugfix GUI: Changed value for Pandora speed now also accepted when list not dropped down
- New blitter modes: normal (same behaviour as in previous version), immediate (same as in WinUAE and others) and improved (completly new, improved compatibility with only small performance loss)

Changelog 2014-08-10 (TomB)
- Added option for 1.8 MB slow mem (thanks to lubomyr)
- Fixed handling when slow mem limited in AGA/68020 configurations
- Added hack for blitter stuck
- Bugfix in custom_bget -> HoneyComb-Demo now working
- Improved blitter compatibility a bit
Preview Pics
11/08/2014 09:58 UTC
In version V2 for Pandora, the virtual keyboard is removed. The Pandora has a real keyboard, why do you need a virtual?
11/08/2014 08:37 UTC
On starting up UAE4ALL you get the choice to open the old version or the new V2. In the old version when bringing up the keyboard L+k I can only see the very top of the virtual keyboard and I cannot use it. In the new version V2 is there a virtual keyboard and if so how is it brought up.
22/07/2014 06:39 UTC
How can I type a question mark? I think there are also some other characters missing. Apart from that this is the best emulator I can imagine for the Pandora!
21/06/2014 12:48 UTC
is it possible to add the sound made by the drives when they read the floppy disks? ^^ it indicates that there is not a freeze screen (and that the disks are being read) and also because their sound bring back memories^^
21/06/2014 12:42 UTC
for games which need 2 or more disks when i "insert" their image in a different place DF0, DF1 DF2 etc. at the launch i can see the disks are read but during game, it asks to insert for example disc 2, even if it is already inserted. so i have to use only DF0 to continue the game.
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