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 The Ur-Quan Masters Improved Netmelee ModreleaseBack
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Filesize:10.1 Mb
Added:Sep 29, 2012
Updated:Dec 1, 2012
Package Author: onpon4
The Improved Netmelee Mod (originally called the Balance Mod), developed by Star Control II community member Shiver, is a mod of The Ur-Quan Masters designed to better balance the power of the ships for more fun and engaging multiplayer games. In particular, it is designed to be used with UQM's NetMelee feature. It is very popular among NetMelee players.
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Additional Info
NOTE: Delete the mod's effects package, found in appdata/uqm/content/addons, if you're upgrading from a previous version. Otherwise, you may run into desynch issues and any changes to graphics will not be seen. If all else fails, delete the appdata folder and it will work.

You can get the optional voices, 3DO music, and remixes here:

Place them in appdata/uqm/content/addons (this directory will be created automatically when you start UQM for the first time). changes:
- Balance Mod and Retreat mod merged; it is now called the Improved Netmelee Mod.
- Retreating is disabled by default. Enable and configure it in the Advanced Settings menu.
- Retreated ships now indicate their crew level in the ship selection.
- A timer now shows how long there is until you can retreat.
- Various bug fixes. changes:
- Long-standing desynch bug fixed.
- Mirror matches (both players having the same ship) now have markers to make it easier to tell which ship is yours.
- Retreat Mod added (choose Balance Mod + Retreat in the menu to play it). This mod allows ships to retreat in Melee, with some restrictions. Note that the Retreat Mod cannot communicate with the vanilla Balance Mod properly in a netgame. changes:
- Default config changed so that remixes are on and voice volume is at 100& (the effect of this is you don't need to fiddle with the settings to get the voice and remix packages to work).
- Improved the PXML slightly
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