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Added:Mar 31, 2018
Updated:Apr 6, 2018
Package Author: ptitSeb

We want to rewrite the entire H3 engine (VCMI is NOT another mod) giving it new possibilities. Years of intensive work resulted in creating application with impressive amount of features. Among current features are:

Complete gameplay mechanics
Almost all objects, abilities, spells and other content
Basic battle AI and adventure AI
Many GUI improvements: high resolutions, stack queue, creature window
Advanced and easy mod support - add new towns, creatures, heroes, artifacts and spells without limits or conflicts
Launcher for easy configuration - download mods from our server and install them immediatelly!
Random map generator that supports objects added by mods
Linux, macOS and Android ports
VCMI is an open-source project licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 or later.

You will need Data from a copy of the game to play with this PND.
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Additional Info
Here is a fresh build of VCMI, the opensource engine to play Heroes of Might & Magic III

You will need the game data to play this PND. On first launch (and as long as data are not present), you can launch a crappy wizard dialog (made of Zenity) to extract the data. Data can be extracted automaticaly from the Windows GoG install, a copy of the 2 CD content (iso image have to be extracted), or the folder of an already installed windows copy. The wizard use vcmibuilder to do all the work (so you'll have a terminal windows open to follow what's going on).

The version use SDL2 (and gl4es), and screen is automaticaly downscaled to 800x480 thanks to SDL2.

The PND first launch vcmilauncher, a Qt app that let you download mod and launch the actual VCMI. The launcher as been resized so it more or less fit the Pandora screen. You will need network on 1st launch, as some require vcmi package needs to be downloaded.

History log
Build 07
* New repackaged, everything seems to works now

Build 06
* Using latest github source
* Tweaked to use 16bits framebuffer and Texture Streaming
* New SDL2 with notaz's NEON blit from SDL1.2

Build 05
* Rebuilt SDL2_mixer: MP3 music now work
* Tweaked a bit SDL2, should be a bit faster (nothing spectacular)

Build 04 and older: see main thread

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/vcmi-heroes-of-might-magic-iii.82818/
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