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Added:Sep 7, 2015
Updated:Sep 7, 2015
Package Author: Valley Bell
A music player for classic arcade and computer soundtracks.

Ported to the Pandora by EvilDragon, using Picklelauncher as GUI.
It supports VGM v1.71b, CMF, DRO, VGZ.
Grab your game music here: http://vgmrips.net/forum/

Controls when playing songs:
DPAD Left / Right: Skip 5 Seconds
Q: Quit song
Y/X Buttons: Previous / Next Song
Space: Pause / Unpause

This program was written by Valley Bell.

- almost all software emulators are from MAME (http://mamedev.org)
- EMU2413 and Gens YM2612 were ported from Maxim's in_vgm
- the YMF278B core was ported from openMSX
- zlib compression by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler is used
- all custom OPL Mappers were written using MAME software emulators and the OPL2/3 programming guides by Jeffrey S. Lee and Vladimir Arnost
- one YM2413 OPL Mapper was ported from MEKA.
- the RF5C164 and PWM cores were ported from Gens/GS
- the MAME YM2612 core was fixed with the help of Blargg's MAME YM2612 fix and Genesis Plus GX' YM2612 core
- AdLibEmu (OPL2 and OPL3 core) was ported from DOSBox
- The default HuC6280 core is from Ootake.
- EMU2149, the alternative NES APU core and the NES FDS core were ported from rainwarrior's NSFPlay.
- the WonderSwan core was ported from in_wsr
- Virtual Boy VSU core was ported from vbjin and originates from mednafen
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09/09/2015 07:18 UTC
Nice, ty! Is it possible to make the launcher permanent and windowed whilst the player is started minimized?
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