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Added:May 29, 2011
Updated:Jun 24, 2011
Package Author: mcobit
This is a package, that contains the miniature golf game vGolf, course editor, avatar editor and commentary editor.
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vGolf Commentary Editor ver:
Author: T3-Software
Website: www.t3-i.com/vgolf.htm
A commentary editor for VGolf

not specified
vGolf Course Editor ver:
Author: T3-Software
Website: www.t3-i.com/vgolf.htm
A course editor for Vgolf

not specified
vGolf Avatar Editor ver:
Author: T3-Software
Website: www.t3-i.com/vgolf.htm
An avatar editor for VGolf

not specified
vGolf ver:
Author: T3-Software
Website: www.t3-i.com/vgolf.htm
vGolf is a miniature golf game. Play the angles and try to hit the cup in as few strokes as possible. vGolf includes 6 playable 18 hole courses, 1 game mode for up to 4 players, full voice commentary, and several characters to choose from. Full statistics tracking for each player profile allows you to compete against yourself and your friends locally. Online leaderboards allow you to compete with players worldwide for the top scores. Support for additional courses, avatars, and commentaries is built in so you can add new content to the game. Use the included design tools to create your own content. Submit your creations and have them featured on our web site.

Custom License - See infofield! - source code
Additional Info Now you can play with the touchscreen, nubs or dpad+buttons!
Updated to make onlineoption off by default. (leaded to hangs in the menu sometimes)
New users don't have to worry about the hangs now.

vGolf v1.21 End-User License Agreement

vGolf is (c)2009-2010 T3 Software. vGolf is provided as-is and without
warranty. You may distribute vGolf freely (without charge) provided you include
this license with any redistributed package. Any modified version created using
the source code must also include this license. If you would like to distribute
vGolf as part of a compilation or some other form that is profitable monetarily
you must contact the author for permission before doing so.

T3 Software makes no gaurantees regarding the vGolf software. We take no
responsibility for any damages the software may cause to you or your equipment,
though it has not been known to cause any problems. Please contact us if you
have any trouble with the software and we'll see if we can resolve the problem.
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08/01/2014 18:03 UTC
@maintainer: If you launch this in a launcher it starts the editor instead of the game. Please ensure that the main executable file is nr.1 in the PND PXML definition, and the less important executables are after that, so that launchers launch the game itself!
12/10/2013 22:40 UTC
One of the best time killers ever. The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is because the courses are a little small. Having some bigger courses, with a way to zoom in and out, would be a killer feature for this game. It would be nice to see ramps, bumps and dips fully implemented too. Thanks :)
06/07/2011 09:46 UTC
With this lastest version is really fun to play. Thanks
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