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 World of PadmanreleaseBack
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Added:Aug 16, 2013
Updated:Dec 20, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
World of Padman (WoP) is an open source first-person shooter video game available in both English and German. Originally it was a modification for the game Quake III Arena titled PadMod created in the year 2004. After the source code for Quake III Arena was released, the game became standalone. The idea is based on the Padman comic strip for the magazine PlayStation Games created by the professional cartoon artist Andreas 'ENTE' (German for "Duck") Endres, who is also the man who made many of the maps included with the game in 1998. The current version runs on an enhanced version of the ioquake3 engine, which is based on the Quake III Arena engine.
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Additional Info
The shoulders buttons have been mapped to Mouse buttons. Default Nub assigment is Left nub for Joystick (move), Right nub for Mouse (look), but it can be changed , look at the files "left_nub" and "right_nub" inside appdata/wop/home

You can find a great video from Ingoreis of the gameplay on the Pandora here: http://youtu.be/hVjVbS2hFkU

History log
Build 04
* New QVM with Dynarec

Build 03
* Added "powervr.ini" for smoother gameplay
* Relaxed memory check
* Improved default setting (smaller textures)
* PND to update from build 02 available on 1st post of main thread

Build 02
* Compatible with newer SGX driver
* Added the otion to not use shoulder as mouse buttons (put .noshouldermb in appdata/wop)
* Fresh compile (may be faster)
* nub files move from appdata/wop/home to appdata/wop
* PND to update the build 01 PND available (4Mo download instead of 1Go, go to main thread in the forum)

Build 01
* Initiial build
* Mapped Left shoulder to Right clic and Right shoulder to Left click
* Text files in appdata/wop/home to change behavour of Nubs (left_nub and right_nub)
* Full GLES renderer

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/14047-world-of-padman/
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16/08/2013 12:49 UTC
@Canseco: Thanks for the info. I'll update description with a warning about the swap.
16/08/2013 12:25 UTC
It needs a swap partition to load. After that it works very well.
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