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Added:Feb 3, 2014
Updated:Feb 27, 2016
Package Author: ptitSeb
This PND contain the runtime for wxPython and PyQT apps
Along with Python 2.7.10 is wxPython 3.0.0 and many other Python libs (like NumPy, PyGame, gst-python, sip...).

Also included is wxGlade, a Software to build wxWidget/wxPython GUI

wxPython can be found here: http://wxpython.org/

PyQT can be found here: http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/software/pyqt/intro

wxGlade can be found here: http://wxglade.sourceforge.net/
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Additional Info
Here is wxPython, a PND that can be used as a Runtime for using Python with QT, GTK, wxWidget, pyGame, and more, and can also be used to develop software using thoses technologies.

History log
Build 12
* Downgrade QtWebKit to make Anki works again
* Updated some libs (ssl related)

Build 11
* Update Python to 2.7.10
* Update Qt to 4.8.7

Build 10
* Some improvment for Ren'py games (enabling more sound & music)

Build 09
* Added PyOpenGL
* Added experimental Ren'py 6.17 (with GLES2 support).

Build 08
* Fixed build, with QT rebuilded (but still downgraded QtWebKit).
* The qtdemo now works with text and pictures
* Refined launch script (colored ls...)

Build 07
* Downgraded QtWebKit (fixing Anki)

Build 06
* Update Python to 2.7.8
* Update wxWidgets to 3.0.1, with webview
* Update Qt4 to 4.8.6

Build 05
* Update GTK libs (based on 2.24 now)
* added a couple more libs
* fixed some typo in intro text

Build 04
* fixed distutils, so bitmessage works

Build 03
* added tcl/tk 8.5 libs, so Tkinter is usable

Build 02
* Added PyQT and QT4.7 libs

Build 01
* Initial release
* Include Python 2.7.3 and wxPython lib, along with wxWidget 3.0 libs
* Include a large set of python libs
* wxGlade is usable

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/15913-wxpython/
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02/02/2016 22:42 UTC
A new build of Anki might be the easiest solution. The crash may indicate a Qt problem, though.
01/02/2016 09:15 UTC
@nobgu: thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at Anki.
01/02/2016 07:22 UTC
Thanks for the update. Unfortunately Anki stopped working again. There is an incompatibility with the httplib2 bundled with Anki and after hacking around that it segfaults.
14/05/2015 09:32 UTC
Thanks @nobgu. Corruption on transitions seems to be SGX Driver releated (I see it on CC). I have update the PND for Ren'py but I have not yet tested the games you listed. I will take a look a them next.
14/05/2015 05:58 UTC
Forgot to mention LongLiveTheQueen in the list of games I tried. Now found one that works fine, though there is some corruptions in the transitions (Experiment Pleasure).
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