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 Arora Rift 32XreleaseBack
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Filesize:50.22 Mb
Added:Nov 22, 2011
Updated:Nov 22, 2011
Price:$3.00 USD
Package Author: Black Curtain Studio
Arora Rift conversion for Pandora with new 32-bit graphics.
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Additional Info
Arora Rift 32X is back in this brand new action packed version for OpenPandora with all new 32-graphics. With all the sci-fi shoot em' up elements and classic arcade looks and feel from the original Caanoo version, you have to give this one a go!

You take control of the Arora, a high-tech and deadly space fighter, and fight off the swarms of enemy drones and fighters coming at you.

Play through various stages set in outer space and unexplored
alien planets, and navigate your ship through hazardous areas
filled with deadly obstacles. Pick up bonuses such as forcefield
and high power weapons. Battle the endless waves of enemy ships
and 4 different bosses as you fight your way through the galaxy
all the way to the enemy’s base.

With the brand new 32-bit graphics, Arora Rift 32X brings you crisp looking graphics with intense and colorful effects and big and beatiful explosions. All this in the original Mode7 pseudo 3D perspective that really makes you a part of the action!

"Arora Rift 32X" is a product of Black Curtain Studio.Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved.You may NOT copy, resell, attempt to hack, redistribute or make derived works from any of the contents of this game.

More info at: http://www.blackcurtainstudio.com/blackcurtain/arorarift32x.php
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31/01/2012 05:13 UTC
This is a nice shooter with so much action and has stunning 32-bit graphics.
26/01/2012 16:34 UTC
Sorry to hear about the language difficulties. I've switched the language on my PayPal to English several times but it keeps changing back. I've set it to English now once again, so it should show up correct.
26/01/2012 04:35 UTC
Just went to purchase but backed out since it didn't have Canada in the list. Sorry, Paypal in the wrong language (and possibly country) threw me off. Is it not available in Canada? Can't image that. Perhaps an oversight? If it had been there I probably would continue.
08/12/2011 16:40 UTC
I would like to see some speed improvements to this. Even on 1ghz, it runs sluggishly on my Pandora. Still, a nice-looking game. Glad to see that there is still commercial development interest on the Pandora.
08/12/2011 00:38 UTC
@streak: The original Arora Rift which this game is based on, took more or less 3 months to make.
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