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Added:Jun 19, 2021
Updated:Jun 19, 2021
Package Author: amyren
This is a conversion of the classic dual screen LCD game DonkeyKong.
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Additional Info
Donkey Kong is a remake of a LCD game in the Game&Watch seriers made by Nintendo. The pupose of the game is to free the girl that have been captured by Donkey Kong. To acheive this Mario must jump barrels and avoid the beams until he reaches the upper level. Here he must activate the crane and jump to grab the hook at the right position. Then he will grab one of the the four straps holding the platform where the Donkey Kong is standing. When all four straps are loose, the Donkey Kong will fall down and Mario will earn the girls affection.

For controlling the player, use the onscreen buttons or keyboard.
Keyboard mappings:
1 = Start Game A
2 = start Game B
M = Toggle Mute
P = Pause/About
Q or ESC will quit the game.
LEFT or A = Left
RIGHT or D = Right
UP or W = Up
DOWN or S = Down
Left Control, SPACE or J = Jump. Additionally the Game X and B buttons are also mapped to jump.
C = ACL (display all sprites on screen and prompt to clear scores)
G&W logo = This will toggle the classic scoring mode (which makes the score go to zero after 999 point)

When launcing the game, click the maximize button and the game should fit the Pandora screen nicely.

If you avoid misses when reaching 300 points, "Chance mode" is activated. The score starts to blink, and double points are earned. You will also get one extra Mario.

This game uses box86 (by ptitseb) to run. A big thank you to ptitseb for the box86 software and for the help setting up box86 and pnd for this game.
Preview Pics
06/07/2021 23:33 UTC
This is a nice surprise for the Pandora. A welcome trip down memory lane. I played the fullscreen version and give it 5 stars.
23/06/2021 11:38 UTC
Forgot to mention.. By pressing the Start/Alt and the Enter button at the same time, the game will go to fullscreen mode. In this mode it will not scale up, so there will be black borders.
21/06/2021 12:39 UTC
It needs scaling to fit full screen. Hollywood doesnt support Pandora cpu's, so this is compiled for x86 and use box86 to run. This affect the speed. Fullscreen version available here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/running-linux-arm-executables-on-pandora.99454/post-1694181
20/06/2021 12:51 UTC
This is cool, can be played both with touchscreen and buttons. The only thing I miss is a proper fullscreen, but the window can be resized. Thanks
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