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Added:May 3, 2013
Updated:Dec 15, 2022
Package Author: ptitSeb

Hey and thanks for checking out FLAT!

FLAT was created by Johan "SteelRaven7" Hassel, Josh "Cheeseness" Bush, Johannes "jo_shadow" Peter and Anton Riehl for the 7 Day FPS Challenge 2012.

Inspired by early first person shooters, arcade genres and popular sci-fi, we aimed to create a unique and hopefully memorable gameplay experience.

In the several days following the conclusion of the 7 Day FPS Challenge, we spent time polishing numerous gameplay aspects and adding additional audio to the game. At this stage, we still consider it a work in progress, but we believe that it is enjoyable and playable in its current state.

A month or so after the 7DFPS challenge ended, we released FLAT under the GPL. You can find the source here: https://github.com/Cheeseness/FLAT

Thanks again, and don't hesitate to leave feedback if you feel like it!

The FLAT Team
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Additional Info
This is a very short game in term of gameplay, but still challenging.

It's a "Tron on Ice" theme Arena FPS.

You have to decimate the Pulse Dragon, but first have to eleminate many of his guards.

You "skate" with trigger (alternate left & right trigger as you would do with your left & right feet on ice-skating). Shoot with (X), jump with (A) and Heal with (B). DPad is used for direction.

At first, you'll see a Medpack in front of you. Grab-it to have 3 heal kits and a weapon, than skate a bit to familiarize yourself with the control. Soon enough, Yellow skater (they are evil of course) will appears and start shooting at you.
When you have been hit too much, screen will start fading in red .. it's time to quickly use a medkit (B)...

Good luck (and if you found the use of jump, tell me).

There is no menu, once dead, the game exit...

History log

Build 04
* Update sources to 1.2

Build 03 (unreleased)
* Update sources to 1.1

Build 02
* Changed the icon to the official one
* Forgot some compilation optim flags before, this build is 50% faster !

Build 01

* Initial build
* Modified gameplay to ease a bit the game, and make it more progressive.

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/flat.71093/
Preview Pics
16/03/2014 15:00 UTC
Not my kind of game, but objectively I have to say, that it enriches the Pandora gaming portfolio. No similar game on the Pandora so far. Therefore rating 3/5.
05/05/2013 15:40 UTC
Interesting game. Runs a bit jerkily on pandora, but has potential.
03/05/2013 21:54 UTC
I could not find a jump key but I did not find it necessary.
03/05/2013 21:46 UTC
Like a demo but what a great demo!! 5/5. Hope this game expands to a full game.
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