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Added:May 22, 2012
Updated:Jul 15, 2013
Package Author: Farox
This is a rewrite, made by Gregory Montoir, of the engine used in the game Fade To Black created by Delphine Software and published by Electronic Arts in 1995.
The rewrite is not complete but is in a very good state, is playable and the only missing things are menus, change options and save/load game.
This PND is Ready to play, with the included original demo files (version 0.90e) published in 1995. Anyway the Demo files are someway broken and you can only play some parts of it.
With the full game all seems to work good, at least what is implemented in current version.
If you have the Full game go to appdata/Fade2Black/DATA and overwrite this entire directory.
The sources of this Pandora version is included zipped inside the PND.
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Additional Info
Thread open on Pandora forum:
old Video of the game on Pandora

This are the controls to use:
DPAD move the player with:
UP = Run , LEFT = left , RIGHT = right, DOWN = Couch

pressing R (the rear button)+DPAD change how to move:
R+UP = Walk (instead of RUN)
R+LEFT = Strife left
R+RIGHT = Strife right
R+DOWN = quick change direction

X (Button) = Aim mode
B (Button) = Fire ( only when in aim mode)
Y (Button) = Recharge weapon
A (Button) = Jump

I (i key) = Show inventory
Inside inventory we can use B (Button to select the current item , to read messages and to exit the message)
L (rear Button) = Change inventory items
press again 'i' to exit inventory

SPACE (key) = interact with lift / take obj

ESC = Go to the BOX where is supposed to change options...but at the moment this do nothing.
You could rotate this BOX ( left or right ) and scroll the items ( with up or down) but not much more.
Press again ESC to return in action.

Select (Button) = Exit the game

Version : fixed screenshots. rebuilded with codeblocks cli and latest eglport , fixed working on newer pandora drivers, and added the original demo files so we are ready to play. initial release
Preview Pics
15/07/2013 22:34 UTC
Demo files don't start on an ext fs sd card, because of file name case.
15/07/2013 20:42 UTC
i'm getting a few rendering glitches (black squares flicker around the screen sometimes) but that present in a few games i have, other than that its running fine on my 1GHz, i'm using the full game files btw
15/07/2013 14:28 UTC
@ CCF Sorry but on my CC Pandora is working well..and i have only this model for testing
15/07/2013 14:19 UTC
Does not play well for me. The video is broken up as is the sound and and the control is simply awful. Tired w/demo and full files.
15/07/2013 12:57 UTC
Just updated a new PND with fixed screenshots. Also added link of the thread on forum.
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