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 Fire AttackreleaseBack
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Filesize:8.64 Mb
Added:Aug 14, 2021
Updated:Aug 14, 2021
Package Author: Anbjorn Myren
This is a conversion of the LCD game Fire Attack. One of the games in the Nintendo GW series. Additionally there is a global hiscore list which can be accessed when your Pandora is online. The game is packed toghether with and use Box86 by ptitSeb.
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Additional Info
Fire Attack is a remake of a LCD game in the Game&Watch seriers made by Nintendo. The pupose of the game defend the Fort that is being attacked by natives trying to set it on fire.

For controlling the player, use the onscreen buttons or keyboard.
Keyboard mappings:
1 = Start Game A
2 = start Game B
S = Toggle Sound
A = Toogle the Alarm Clock / set the alarm.
Space = Pause/About
Q or ESC will quit the game.
Game Buttons Y, A, B, X or keyboard keys E,D,P,L are used to move the player. Pressing once will move the player into the corresponding position, press again and the player will hit to put out the fire.

The game starts slow, and will speed up until every 100 points.
Misses will be cleared at 200 points and at 500 points.

This game uses box86 (by ptitseb) to run. A big thank you to ptitseb for the box86 software and for the help setting up box86 and pnd for this game.
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18/08/2021 11:53 UTC
5 stars. Enjoyable even though I'm finding it harder than I remember. I try to change direction in a hurry and I'm not sure which button to press! (Would it be possible to map the two left diagonal buttons to UP and DOWN on the DPad?)
17/08/2021 14:04 UTC
Thank you for this; strangely, I´m finding this harder to master than the other two G&W (as one can see from my hiscores) - and I grew up with these kind of games :D
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