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Added:Oct 14, 2012
Updated:Jul 5, 2019
Package Author: Johannes Geiss
Text-based address book program.

This application is for managing addresses, e-mails, telephonenumbers and some other informations. Features are: Simple add, duplicate, edit, remove address entries; Alphabetical sort (surname or last name), searching.
It keeps its data in a simple text file, so it's easy to convert the addresses for other applications.

It also features some import and export filters, which reads from or writes to a user specified file. Press ? for help.

Hint: The export function doesn't want to overwrite a file, so it must be deleted by the user.

To use the e-mails in claws-mail, export it into a file like /media/.../pandora/appdata/abook/.abook/claws-mail.vcrd (Key e and f). Then import it in claws-mail. Other mailer could also work as the export filter can convert the address book into ldif/Netscape addressbook, mutt alias, pine addressbook, GnomeCard (VCard) addressbook, elm alias, plain text, etc.

CHANGE LOG: - Initial Release for OpenPandora - Update to abook 0.6.0pre2 - Update to abook 0.6.1
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17/10/2012 01:11 UTC
@porg - it's not bad and I would rate it 3, as there is still a long way for improvement, such as adding more functions. Export/Import would be the main one I am looking for, for example! Send Mail is the only other function, I think, at this time, and it works only with mutt I believe.
16/10/2012 14:29 UTC
@ekianjo: Thanks for sharing your review. How would you rate it then? (Has no rating yet) Ad 3) I was curious WHETHER one can "trigger actions from entries" not necessarily HOW (click, keypress, …). Can you do this? Or is "send email to" the only function?
16/10/2012 01:52 UTC
I can answer a few after trying it: 1) no import export unless it's hidden somewhere 2) apparently you can send emails with mutt if mutt is installed (in the NAND, i guess, not PND) 3) you cannot click on anything it's a text only app, using keyboard shortcuts only.
14/10/2012 11:42 UTC
A little more description would help. Arising questions: 1) Does it have import/export? Which? 2) Can it be used together with IM & email apps on the Pandora? 3) Are there some actions for clicks on entries (i.e.: open URL in browser, start email app with addressee, search address at Google maps)
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